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 Chico Luna aka Jesus Luna Lopez aka chicoek9r aka spoonek9r [Archived]
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Claremont NH
  Chico Luna aka Jesus Luna Lopez aka chicoek9r aka spoonek9r« » Reply  Edit

Chico Luna
Jesus Luna Lopez

On May 14 2015 I PayPal'd him $1500 for some fenders, an axle back exhaust, and a rear diffuser.

After a month of excuses and the shipping company supposedly having trouble delivering the parts (despite the fact that I never recived a tracking number or a delivery attempt notice), on June 19th he sent me photos of a delivery truck and a tracking number.

I looked at the exif and the tracking number and it turns out these are photos of something he shipped to someone else back in February.

Finally on August 18th (over 3 months after paying for my parts) I received a tracking number. The fenders showed up August 20th.

I've been sending him messages almost daily (via Facebook and text) since then and have yet to hear a single thing back from him.

Nearly 5 months after paying for my parts, I have only received 1 of the 3 things I paid for and have not heard from the seller in over a month.

Below is our full conversation (edited only to remove personal information).



48 posts [100%]
Claremont NH
 « Re: Chico Luna aka Jesus Luna Lopez aka chicoek9r aka spoonek9r (delsol456)« » Reply  Edit

5/14, 3:02pm
Chris Emanuel
I'm interested in:
J's Fenders
J's Axle Back (60rr?)
Spoon Diffuser
Any chance of a little group discount?

5/14, 3:22pm
Chico Luna
60rr correct.. and i can do 1500 shipped

5/14, 3:37pm
Sounds good. Paypal?
Shipping address is:

5/14, 3:43pm
yes paypal

5/14, 3:58pm

5/14, 4:14pm
lmk when you send it

5/14, 4:42pm

5/17, 9:44am
You got it right?

5/17, 10:01am
yea i got man, been working on packaging them up for you

5/20, 10:19pm
hey man quick update, im just waiting on the freigth company to come get the items and as soon as thats complete they will be on the way to you. sorry its taking soo long but i had somw personal issues pop up that had to be adressed asap.

5/21, 8:56am
No problem man. Thanks.

5/29, 11:46am
Any update on these?

5/29, 1:20pm
the items were picked up via conway. i havent checked my email for a tracking number but will do so in a lil bit, currently slammed at work. i will provide that to you sir in a bit. its 3 big boxes on a pallet.

5/29, 6:05pm
Alright man, thanks again!

6/8, 5:33pm
Do you have that tracking number?

6/11, 4:41pm

6/11, 8:56pm
hey brother sorry for the delay, so here its whats going on conway shipped the stuff back to me complaining they couldnt deliver to your adress in two occasions bc of the adress given was incorrect. i have had the pallet in my shop since the 8th of this month. unfortynally ive been deeling with detectives to fugure out my shops break in entering that occurred a few days ago. 13k worth of stuff was taken and its been a headache. lmk what would u like for me to do, jus go ahead and ship them individual through ups or try again.

6/12, 7:47am
They don't have any problem delivering to a residential address right? Which ever method is easier for you, just send me the tracking number so I can make sure I'm around.

6/16, 10:08am
Let me know when you figure this out.

6/19, 12:41pm
Hey man any update on this?

6/19, 3:33pm
sorry man been busy, it went out as of Thursday. conway way.

6/19, 3:33pm
**Attached afformention photos of truck and tracking number from February**

6/19, 3:33pm
ill try and get a tracking and eta for you

6/20, 5:40pm
Any number?

6/22, 8:24pm
Hey man, do you have the tracking number for this stuff. Still haven't received anything.

6/22, 8:41pm
conway is supposed to call me back to give it to me, but the items should be at your door tomorrow, it was a three day run.

6/23, 7:42pm
Did you ever get a tracking number? It didn't show up today.

6/24, 2:22pm

6/24, 2:26pm
sorry man been busy, im trying to get in contact withe them... what is your phone number?

6/24, 2:26pm
Actually it's ##########. Just switched carriers a couple weeks ago. tongue emoticon

6/24, 6:09pm
What's the address the stuff was picked up from?

6/25, 7:22pm
Hey man, still nothing today.

6/27, 10:15am
Any update on this? It's been over a month since I've sent you the money, and I still haven't even gotten a tracking number. If you can't get me one in the next few days, I'm gonna have to ask for my money back or something.

6/27, 10:26am
trust me man im just as frustraded as you are and best belive that ive been doing my best, conway is just a shitty service and it sucks that i have to find out this way, ive called 6 times and all i get is the same number on the picture and a we will contact you when the pallet is delivered. i gave them till monday if not im going to the main office and talk to a manager. its alot of money on the line for this to be so complicated and a hazzle. once again sorry, and belive im trying to do my best man.

6/30, 12:33pm
Well, any news?

7/1, 5:36pm

7/1, 6:35pm
text me my msgr inst working

9/9, 7:15pm
whats the isuue with the parts now??just got a msg on my work phone talking about nwp and something else.

9/10, 9:29am
Do you have tracking numbers for the diffuser or exhaust? Still haven't received them.

9/11, 11:38am

9/12, 10:23am

9/14, 5:36pm

9/17, 5:15pm
I've been messaging you for 3 weeks now with no reply. WHERE ARE THE PARTS?

9/23, 5:34pm
Look, I think I've given you more than enough time to ship these out, and I've been sending you messages (on Facebook and on your phone ) daily for almost a month with no response. I'm filing a dispute on PayPal and making a post on NWP. I'll take the thread down when I receive my parts.



48 posts [100%]
Claremont NH
 « Re: Chico Luna aka Jesus Luna Lopez aka chicoek9r aka spoonek9r (delsol456)« » Reply  Edit

2015-07-02 17:38:57
Hey, its Chris. Any update from Conway?

2015-07-03 09:57:33

2015-07-03 10:01:44
hey whats up, some reason i missed your msg. to be honest i havent heard enything from them, did they call you? i provided the number you gave me the other day.

2015-07-03 10:02:35
No problem. No I haven't heard from them yet either.

2015-07-03 10:04:02
wow..last time i called the dispacher in winchester virginia was being a complete bitch so i kinda let it ride since i was calling every day. ill call in a few minutes to see where we at.

2015-07-03 10:04:27
Lol. Alright thanks.

2015-07-08 11:51:40
Hey man its been a few days. No call, no update. Any idea where the parts are at?

2015-07-08 11:56:37
there sitting at the local conway. according to them they tried calling on the number you gave me wich is a bit hard to belive, unless your phone was off but even like that the dispacher said voice mails were left. no pick up was made so once again they sent the stuff back. this is the biggest pain in the ass ive had to deal with in my 6 years of selling stuff.

2015-07-08 12:21:39
You wouldn't by chance be going to Import Alliance next weekend would you? I could just pick them up there. Lol

2015-07-08 12:22:09
when is it?

2015-07-08 12:24:05
The 17th. It's in Kentucky though, probably still a pretty decent drive for you.

2015-07-08 12:25:16
yea but i have people going up there i could posibly send them up with them if thats ok with you?

2015-07-08 12:26:39
I'll let you know for sure later, wanna make sure there would be enough room for the stuff in the car.

2015-07-12 14:47:31
I should have room to pick up the fenders and exhaust, I'm not sure that the diffuser will fit though.

2015-07-15 09:37:39
Do you have the dimensions of the diffuser off hand?

2015-07-15 18:42:37
I wanna see if I can get it to fit in the car.

2015-07-16 09:37:08

2015-07-16 14:37:56
im getting dimensions now

2015-07-16 15:01:02
Alright. Thanks

2015-07-16 18:57:58
Any luck?

2015-07-16 19:23:38
Either way, if you have someone that can bring the fenders and exhaust those will definitely fit.

2015-07-16 21:13:38

2015-07-16 21:19:23
im waiting on my boy to let me know if hes riding up

2015-07-17 10:36:52
So, any luck?

2015-07-17 13:00:25

2015-07-17 13:01:03
yea hes going

2015-07-17 13:01:14
just gotta see if there is room

2015-07-17 13:21:32
Cool. Let me know.

2015-07-18 08:21:07
Is he/did he bring anything?

2015-07-18 11:45:02

2015-07-18 11:46:08
h e didnt end up going, something happend to his air ridelast nigth..been working on it all nigth if he leaves here soon ill let you know

2015-07-22 13:14:40
So.. What's the plan now?

2015-07-23 16:12:10
I don't wanna sound harsh, but if you can't get me a tracking number by next Friday, just refund me the money. Seems like the easiest solution for both of us.

2015-07-28 14:24:51
So are planning on shipping it UPS or something?

2015-07-28 16:52:14
ups is gonna be the method but im gonna have to ship them out individualy since they want almost 460 to do as a whole package.. and im already down 320 from the conway deal.

2015-08-01 13:12:31
Any luck getting them sent out this week?

2015-08-01 19:28:35

2015-08-05 08:59:25
Have you shipped them out yet?

2015-08-05 17:33:31

2015-08-05 18:34:11
fenders and exhaust are getting dropped off in the am, and diffuser on friday.. you will have three difrent packages. i hate do do it like that but its

2015-08-05 18:34:12
problably the best way to keep everything safe.. although its a bit more expensive. ill be at 550+ just on shipping fees between this and conway

2015-08-05 18:36:53
Alright. When the parts show up I can send you a little extra to cover some more of the shipping cost.

2015-08-05 18:37:39
that works man, sorry about all the headches.. but best belive i made sure to leave some coments under conways rep. lol

2015-08-07 14:10:11
Did you get that stuff shipped out/tracking number?

2015-08-08 08:36:05

2015-08-08 19:56:46

2015-08-10 11:28:15

2015-08-12 10:45:36
So did these ever get shipped??

2015-08-12 21:43:41
It's been a week with no response. I really need an update on this.

2015-08-13 12:15:19
If I don't have the parts, a tracking number, or my money back by tomorrow night, I'm gonna have to file a dispute with PayPal. This is getting out of hand.

2015-08-13 14:36:30
sorry for the lack of comunication, my phone has been off due to the fact that im out of country till sunday.we had a family member pass and had to fly out on emergency leave. will be back on sunday to take care of all the stuff i left back at home. hope you can understand the situation. thanks.

2015-08-13 15:15:53
Monday at midnight. No more delays. It's been 3 and a half months. That's just ridiculous.

2015-08-17 14:43:07
back intown, gettings stuff around the shop taken cared of than ill be on my way to ups.

2015-08-18 09:07:33
Tracking number?

2015-08-18 11:01:10
yea give me a few minutes.

2015-08-18 11:11:34

2015-08-18 11:11:38

2015-08-20 15:08:53
Fenders just got here. Let me know when you get tracking numbers for the exhaust and diffuser. Thanks!

2015-08-24 16:22:49
Have you gotten either of the other parts shipped?

2015-08-25 14:32:02

2015-08-26 17:23:34

2015-08-27 11:07:12
Hello? Have you shipped anything else!?

2015-08-27 19:48:04

2015-08-28 16:12:40

2015-08-28 16:22:43
sorry been retarded busy. they have been shipped out. give me a few and i will send you the tracking numbers

2015-08-29 16:00:35
So did you get the tracking numbers?

2015-08-30 19:19:12

2015-08-31 11:56:18

2015-09-01 11:42:38

2015-09-02 08:11:09
Tracking numbers please.

2015-09-02 16:32:36

2015-09-03 11:03:27

2015-09-05 12:51:17
Did you ship these or not? A week ago you said you had tracking numbers and nothing has shown up.

2015-09-07 09:09:46
This is getting ridiculous again. No response in over a week.

2015-09-08 10:20:46

2015-09-09 14:08:14
Look if I can't get a response, I'm gonna have to open a PayPal dispute and make some posts on NWP/H-T. 4 months and the parts still haven't arrived. This is ridiculous.

2015-09-15 19:01:45
Hello!? Where are the rest of the parts??

2015-09-17 15:23:52
It's been 3 weeks with no response or update. WHERE ARE MY PARTS?

2015-09-21 21:44:20

2015-09-23 17:34:51
Look, I think I've given you more than enough time to ship these out, and I've been sending you messages (on Facebook and on your phone ) daily for almost a month with no response. I'm filing a dispute on PayPal and making a post on NWP. I'll take the thread down when I receive my parts.



48 posts [100%]
Claremont NH
 « Re: Chico Luna aka Jesus Luna Lopez aka chicoek9r aka spoonek9r (delsol456)« » Reply  Edit

9/24, 3:46pm
Chris Emanuel
I've tried contacting via phone as well numerous times with no response. I'm not saying you didn't try to ship anything or making any accusations. The fact is I've only received one tracking number from you throughout this whole ordeal and I still don't have the exhaust or diffuser and never received tracking numbers for those. I would just like my parts or my money back, that is all.

9/24, 3:47pm
Chico Luna
i seen your post and also recived your claim, im not sure on what game you are trying to play here. is there something keeping you from signing to recive the stuff? the parts were shipped 3 times at my own expense and yeat never picked up. tracking numbers were issued, i worked with you on all this thats has been one serious headache, and still working with you but trying to damage my name after 1k plus of transactions is kinda lame.

9/24, 3:48pm
Chico Luna
i sent you multiple tracking numbers throughout the whole deal, ups and conway you and i both know man.

9/24, 3:49pm
Chris Emanuel
I don't know where you sent these tracking numbers to me. It wasn't on Facebook, email, or on my phone. I haven't received any attempted delivery notices from any couriers.

9/24, 3:52pm
Chris Emanuel
Again, I'm not trying to damage your reputation, I know plenty of people have vouched for you, and I'll gladly take down the post when the situation is rectified. But I haven't been able to get a hold of you for over a month, and unfortunately this is what I had to do to get a response from you.

9/24, 3:54pm
Chico Luna
you are not gonna recive them from conway, they will call you once and thats it. they dont show up to your door step . i was aware of this bc one of my good friends contact me about it, again im not on fb nor have the same work number. like i explained to u before.

9/24, 3:57pm
Chris Emanuel
Well I never received a call from Conway (and I understand that isn't your fault and I even offered to cover some of that lost cost) do you have tracking numbers for the diffuser or exhaust that you sent UPS? I never received those either. You did not mention changing your phone number, and again I needed to get a hold of you and apparently this was the only way to do so.

9/24, 4:14pm
Chico Luna
i looking for them rigth now, aparantly you didnt recive them on your fb or somehow our convo got deleted back to july 1st. i understand you offered to cover the shipping costs half with me so again i have no reason why not to ship your stuff, ive been preatty fair with you you and i know both. at the end of this ist near 600 dollars in shipping and handling that ive ate already shipping these parts.

9/24, 4:16pm
Chico Luna
do you live in a remote area that is hard to get to?

9/24, 4:17pm
Chris Emanuel
Nope. Live on a main road about 5 minutes off of I-89.

9/24, 4:18pm
Chico Luna
idk man, still not making sense of why the issue deliviring and having you signed for them. i dont understand.

9/24, 4:21pm
Chris Emanuel
I'm not sure either. I've received plenty of large/heavy packages via UPS/USPS/DHL/Pilot you name it, without issue.

9/24, 7:57pm
Chris Emanuel
Well then, do you have those tracking numbers?

9/24, 8:03pm
Chico Luna
tracking numbers are no good, items are still at the ups holding facility, ive spent most of the afternoon talking with a reprentative. she says its bc the zip code doesnt match your adress they were necer out for delivery and they have been trying to contact me but no phone calls or emails here. soo i can kiss another 197 dollars good bye.

9/24, 8:05pm
Chris Emanuel
What address is on the packages? I've only sent you one and it was correct (and the fenders made it here fine).

9/24, 8:06pm
Chico Luna
[redacted address]
but they have the zip as 03744

9/24, 8:07pm
Chris Emanuel
Thats the one. What's wrong with those people!?

9/24, 8:12pm
Chico Luna
i have no clue. they typed it wrong or something. i have the case number and girls name who did it. it makes sense as to why it didnt show up on the status update

9/24, 8:20pm
Chris Emanuel
Is that the case with both the exhaust and diffuser?

9/24, 11:04pm
Chico Luna
yes bc both were shipped out at the same time

9/25, 7:03pm
Chris Emanuel
Any luck sorting this out?

9/25, 7:05pm
Chico Luna
waiting on the ups representative to call me back today to see if they are gona grant me the shipping fee since they were the ones that fucked up

9/28, 4:50pm
Chris Emanuel
So, whats the deal?

9/28, 4:53pm
Chico Luna
js exhaust is on his way here, they will grant 25% off of the shipping. the question is what do u want to do, i onestly dont want to pay anymore shipping fees man im 600 in the hole

9/28, 5:55pm
Chris Emanuel
Do you have a tracking number for the exhaust?

9/28, 5:56pm
Chico Luna
yea, give me a few and ill send it to you, im still at work.

9/29, 12:27pm
Chris Emanuel
Tracking number?

9/29, 9:30pm
Chris Emanuel

9/30, 9:28am
Chris Emanuel

9/30, 2:49pm
Chris Emanuel
Well, do you have it?

9/30, 2:50pm
Chico Luna
the exhaust was delivered here yesterday. still in the packaging.

10/6, 11:31am
Chris Emanuel
Have you gotten these shipped back out?

10/7, 6:39pm
Chris Emanuel

10/8, 10:05am
Chris Emanuel

10/8, 2:57pm
Chico Luna
they go out tomorrow, getting quotes from fed ex ground. you will have to pick the items up at the location. i canot dish any more money out for shipping.
also, my paypal is frozze due to the request you placed, i cannot acces my money or pay my bills as i used to so if u could please lift the request you placed. thanks.

10/8, 5:47pm
Chris Emanuel
Just cancelled it. Send me the tracking numbers when you get them so that I know where and when to pick them up.

10/8, 6:00pm
Chico Luna
will do man

10/10, 10:35pm
Chris Emanuel
Any tracking numbers?

10/11, 4:21pm
Chris Emanuel

10/12, 9:51am
Chris Emanuel

10/12, 2:42pm
Chico Luna
[photo of tracking number]

10/12, 6:41pm
Chris Emanuel
Is that the diffuser or exhaust?

10/12, 6:45pm
Chico Luna
exhaust.. diffuser will not go out till still waiting on a quote from fedex.. ups wants 162 dollars to ship it.

10/19, 3:56pm
Chris Emanuel
Exhaust showed up a couple days ago, any update on the diffuser?

10/21, 2:53pm
Chris Emanuel

10/22, 5:11pm
Chris Emanuel

10/23, 5:54pm
Chris Emanuel
So... Did you ever ship the diffuser? Where is the tracking number?

10/25, 10:58am
Chris Emanuel

10/26, 12:24pm
Chris Emanuel
Look man, did you send the diffuser or not. This is ridiculous. I shouldn't have to send you daily messages for weeks to find out where my parts are.

10/27, 10:39pm
Chris Emanuel

10/28, 4:46pm
Chris Emanuel
Look man, if I can't get a response from you, I'll make another post on NWP if I have to. Seriously not replying to my messages for weeks, months after I've sent you money is absolutely ridiculous.

10/29, 2:18am
Chico Luna
Im not on fb i already told you this, i asked you last week if u were willing to split the shipping costs of fedex in two or if you wanted a refund. no answer. its 162 dollars to ship this thing out again.. for the 3rd or 4th time. so lmk.. i would like to get this over with for all.

10/29, 10:57am
Chris Emanuel
Sure. $81? I'll send it tonivht when I get out of work.

10/29, 5:23pm
Chris Emanuel
Sent. Send me the tracking number.

11/3, 8:08am
Chris Emanuel
Did you ship the diffuser yet?

11/4, 2:32pm
Chris Emanuel

11/5, 8:27am
Chris Emanuel

11/6, 7:45am
Chris Emanuel
Do you have a tracking number??

11/9, 11:47am
Chris Emanuel
Have you shipped the diffuser or not? I Paypal'd you the money a week ago, what's taking so long?

11/10, 2:13pm
Chris Emanuel

11/11, 5:04pm
Chris Emanuel
Where is the diffuser? Why is this taking so long?

11/13, 9:33pm
Chris Emanuel
Seriously, where is the diffuser.

11/15, 10:46pm
Chris Emanuel
Look, there is absolutely no excuse for this. I realize you claim you aren't on Facebook (despite that you've posted and updated your profile pic numerous times in the last two weeks). But I sent you the money for shipping (which I shouldn't be responsible for in the first place) 18 days ago and still haven't even received a reply from you let alone a tracking number. WHERE IS THE DIFFUSER?

11/19, 8:25am
Chris Emanuel
I don't know what you expect me to do. I sent more money to cover shipping and then you completely stop responding for weeks. Send me the diffuser. If I have to make another post on NWP I will and have no intention in taking it down this time.

11/23, 10:07am
Chris Emanuel

11/24, 6:26pm
Chris Emanuel

11/28, 9:37am
Chris Emanuel

12/1, 6:18pm
Chris Emanuel
You seriously been the least responsive and most difficult person I've ever had to deal with and you better believe I'm going to make that extremely well know if I don't have a tracking number for the diffuser by the end of this week.

12/3, 3:21pm
Chico Luna
Your diffuser was sent you on nov 2, despite I asked you to help out with shipping. Once again you have failed to recive the item? This whole deal is beyond rediculous, I'm onestly not dealing with it any more. I've lost more money and time shipping this thing out than I have ever in onething in my life. So to call me irresponsible is really fucked up. I shipped this thing out 3 or 4 times, it's sad I even lost count. I also offered to do a refund on the diffuser with no response. Soo onestly idk what do you want me to do. Make a post do whatever u want man I onestly don't know.

12/3, 6:47pm
Chris Emanuel
No response? I sent you $81 to cover the shipping the day that you asked. You never sent me a tracking number for it? And oddly enough, the only time any parts showed up were when you did send me the tracking numbers. It just seems real suspicious. So you are telling me you haven't seen the diffuser since Nov 2? Then contact what ever company shipped it and ask them where it is.

12/3, 7:16pm
Chico Luna
Who did u send them 81 to?? Bc my PayPal never recived any money from you besides the original payment that was made on May. I didn't hear anything from you till last week. It can be seen suspicious all it can, I have no reason to be telling you stuff that it's not true. I've been kicking my ass for not doing a full refund the first time around, belive me.

12/3, 7:19pm
Chris Emanuel
[Screenshot of Paypal receipt for $81 to cover shipping]

12/3, 7:20pm
Chris Emanuel
And I've been sending you messages almost daily since October 29th.

12/3, 7:21pm
Chico Luna
Like I stated a million times before.. I don't live on fb. I didn't get any PayPal payment and if I did I'll make sure I refund that along with whatever ups says about your diffuser. That all.

12/3, 7:31pm
Chris Emanuel
Well if you are going to sell something on facebook and not use facebook or reply to text messages or emails then you need to provide another way to contact you.

12/3, 7:33pm
Chico Luna
I stayed in contact with you till the last time the stuff went out that's it. U had my email, phone and fb. One or the other would of worked. Easily.

12/3, 7:37pm
Chris Emanuel
Sure, but then I never got a tracking number and sent you an email, multiple text messages, and facebook messages for a month with no response.

12/3, 7:38pm
Chico Luna
Text msgs?? To what number?
Do me a favor and check your spam folder... Seems like you haven't gotten a lot of my msgs.

12/3, 7:40pm
Chris Emanuel
[phone number]. No messages in my spam folder either.

12/3, 7:42pm
Chico Luna
That was my old number. I made that clear couple months ago. Well that's weird bc I know I've sent you atleast 4 msgs that u never recived.. I had 5 msgs from you in my spam folder.

12/3, 7:51pm
Chris Emanuel
Well, you never gave me any other phone number.

12/7, 8:24pm
Chris Emanuel
Well. Where is the diffuser then??
Or my $500 back.

12/9, 1:12pm
Chris Emanuel

12/9, 1:30pm
Chris Emanuel
Clearly you are taking too long to find out where the diffuser is. So I just contacted UPS, and according to them no packages have been sent since October 14th (the exhaust). So did you ever ship the diffuser or not?

12/12, 8:42am
Chris Emanuel

12/15, 8:42pm
Chris Emanuel
Almost two weeks and you haven't given me an update on this. Why is this taking you so long. Tell me where the diffuser is or refund me my money. This is absolutely ridiculous.

12/24, 4:59pm
Chris Emanuel
Why has it taken you almost a month to call UPS and give me a refund?

1/3, 12:16pm
Chris Emanuel
Where is my refund!?

1/8, 9:15pm
Chris Emanuel
Why is this taking you so long?? SEND ME A REFUND

1/11, 8:36pm
Chris Emanuel
Is this some sort of joke to you? Give me my money.

1/25, 12:02pm
Chris Emanuel
Seriously, this is fucking ridiculous. WHERE IS MY REFUND?

2/6, 12:01pm
Chris Emanuel
What the fuck is your problem?

2/14, 10:27am
Chris Emanuel
Look I don't know what the fuck your problem is but you still owe me $500 or a diffuser. Clearly you have no intention of sending me either. I have been way more than patient. Good luck selling anything else again.


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