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What's up everyone. My name is Mikey and I've been on this forum for a little bit now. I've talked and met some of you. I currently have a 94' GS-R. It was my Dad's first car and he saved it for me. We've done so much stuff to it together. It has a lot of sentimental value to me. It'll be my car forever and ever.

I've always wanted a Type R, my Dad had one at some point but the person he was buying it from decided they wanted to keep it. He had a deposit down on it and the caR in his possession but there were 2 owners on the title. He ended up doing the right thing and returning the caR to them.

I'm 18 now and make a little bit of money streaming video games. I've been playing video games competitively for years now, travelling the USA competing in tournaments and more.

The time has come. I finally purchased my dream caR. It arrived on 3/11/2015. I purchased it from a good friend of mine. I remember always asking him to sell it to me, asking if he would part things out for my build, etc. He's always told me that I can buy it but I wasn't able to afford it at the time.

The caR needs some TLC but nothing my Dad & I can't take care of. It has all original interior, oem optionals & gc/koni coilovers. It unfortunately has a rod knock the seller says. My Grandpa is a mechanic and owned a shop for 20+ years. So luckily he knows people and his friend owns a machine shop. I am hoping we can rebuild the current motor. If worse comes to worst then I will be buying a JDM ITR Longblock from RCrew Racing.

I'll try and keep this thread updated with progress of the caR.

My 94' GS-R

My 98' Type R

Modification List as of 1/14/2017

Motor | Engine Bay
Hasport Motor Mounts (Gunmetal)
Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator
Hondata S300 Version 3
Toda Racing 4-2-1 Header
T1R Racing Converter
Spoon Sports Air Intake Cleaner
Spoon Sports N1 Tail Silencer
Spoon Sports Sub Silencer
Spoon Sports Front Strut Bar
Spoon Sports Style Valve Cover
Spoon Sports Billet Oil Cap
Spoon Sports Spark Plug Cover
Spoon Sports Spark Plug Wires
Spoon Sports Radiator Hoses
Spoon Sports Radiator Cap
Spoon Sports Radiator Stays
Spoon Sports Reservoir Tank Covers
Spoon Sports Magnetic Drain Plug Set

Spoon Sports 96 Spec Gauge Cluster
Spoon Sports Gen 1 Steering Wheel
Spoon Sports Titanium Shift Knob
Spoon Sports Rear View Mirror
Spoon Sports Rear Strut Bar
Works Bell Short Boss Hub
Works Bell Quick Release
K-Tuned Pro Circuit Short Shifter
CDM Airbag Delete Tray
USDM ITR Checkered Floor Mats
USDM ITR Optional Trunk Mat
USDM ITR Carbon Fiber Dash Pieces
JDM ITRx Pedal Set
JDM ITR Carbon Fiber Radio Delete
JDM ITR Carbon Fiber Window Switches
JDM ITR Carbon Fiber Personal Box
JDM ITR Clock Delete
JDM ITR Non SRS Column Cover
JDM ITR E-Brake Handle
JDM ITR Door Handle Bezels

Spoon Sports Carbon Fiber Mirrors
Spoon Sports Front Tow Hook
Spoon Sports Rear Tow Hook
Spoon Sports Wiper Blade Set
USDM ITR Nose Mask
OEM Front Mud Flaps
OEM Rear Mud Flaps
OEM Antenna Delete
OEM Rear Wiper Delete

Wheels | Suspension
GC/Koni Coilovers & Extended Top Hats
Mugen Heptagon Steel Lug Nuts
Spoon Sports SW388 (15x6.5 +42)
Spoon Sports Twin-Block Calipers
Spoon Sports Front Strut Bar
Spoon Sports Rear Strut Bar
Spoon Sports Front Lower Tie Bar
Spoon Sports Rear Lower Tie Bar
Goodridge SS Braided Brake Lines
Ingalls Adjustable Front Camber Kit

Audio Setup
Kenwood KDC-MP438U Deck
Alpine KTP-445U Power Pack
JBL GX600C Front Speakers
Pioneer TS-G1642R Rear Speakers

Modified by Bitanga at 6:52 PM 1/14/2017



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So I cleaned heR up and she came out amazing, in my opinion. I'm very happy.

I washed the exterior but not thoroughly since it's just going to get dirty again. I only vacuumed the interior and wiped down the dash. When the caR is running I'll be cleaning the caR inside and out very well. I just wanted to get an idea on how it looked under all that dirt.

The caR was so slammed that my "low-profile" jack wouldn't fit under it lol. We raised it and tried to match the height of my GS-R. It's better than before and I can always go back and adjust it later.

I also removed the Benen tow hook it came with.

Here are some before and after shots.



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Haven't really been working on the caR as much as I would like to. The weather has been terrible and I'm with my Dad every other weekend. Last Friday we weren't doing anything so my Dad asked me if I wanted to work on the car. It was freezing that day but I really wanted to work on it.

We were able to pull the Head off and everything seems good so far. The walls seem great as well. This weekend we will be pulling the rest of the motor out. I've been adding more parts on my list to order; Dizzy bolts, Alternator bolts, etc.. A lot of stuff missing on the motor but can be replaced.

After we pull the motor we plan on sending the head, block, crank, pistons, etc... to my Grandpa's friend to have it hot tanked, honed, inspected, etc.

I wasn't able to take any pictures because my phone died.

Have been ordering things here and there. Still waiting on a bunch of parts to arrive. I hate waiting.

The only thing arrived so far is my Mugen Pedal Set. The matching Dead Pedal from ICB should be here next month.

Also quickly shampooed my floor mats. I need to do a better job but it's not that serious. I'm going to use them anyway.



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The piece I've been looking for is finally here!

It's in amazing condition other than a crease in the middle because it was folded. I already cleaned it up and fixed the crease. Looks amazing now! I was too excited and took pictures of it straight out the box!



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We got work done on the R.

So everything looks visually good. Piston #3 Rod Bearings were spun. The crank isn't scored too bad visually but we'll see when we have the machine shop inspect it.

She'll be on the road soon! So now it's the time to order everything I need! Yay! :cry:

ARP Head Studs
ARP Rod Bolts
NGK Premium Spark Plug Wires
NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs
NGK Upstream O2 Sensor
NGK Downstream O2 Sensor
Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket
OEM Head Gasket
OEM Exhaust
OEM Valve Cover Gasket Set
OEM Camshaft Seals
OEM Fuel Filter
OEM Water Pump
OEM Oil Pan Gasket
OEM Oil Pump
OEM Oil Strainer Gasket
OEM Timing Belt
OEM Piston Rings
OEM Main Bearings (Upper)
OEM Main Bearings (Lower
OEM Rod Bearings
OEM Thrust Washers
OEM Timing Belt Tensioner
OEM Battery Tie Hold Down Bracket
OEM Battery Tie Hold Down Bolt
OEM Turn Signal Socket
OEM ABS Pump Bolt
OEM White Hose Bracket
OEM VTEC Solenoid Gasket 1
OEM VTEC Solenoid Gasket 2
OEM Oil Filter Bracket O-Ring
OEM Distributor O-Ring
OEM Tow Hook Bolts
OEM Orifice O-Ring I/E
OEM Block Dowel O-Ring
OEM Head Dowel O-Ring
OEM Exhaust Nut (Cat to Header)
OEM Exhaust Bolt (Cat to Header)
OEM Exhaust Spring (Cat to Header)
OEM Exhaust Nut (Cat to B-Pipe)
OEM Exhaust Bolt (Cat to B-Pipe)
OEM Dipstick
OEM Valve Stem Seal (I)
OEM Valve Stem Seal (E)
OEM Thermostat Seal
OEM Throttle Body Gasket
OEM Release Fork Boot
OEM Oil Pump O-Ring
OEM Valve Timing Censor O-Ring
OEM Oil Filter Cartridge Set
OEM Fuel Injector O-Rings
OEM Radiator Upper Hose
OEM Radiator Lower Hose
OEM Hood Latch Cover

Please keep in mind that the list isn't final. Just a good idea on what I will need or want. Also I'm not ordering anything until I see what the machinist says.

To the Pictures!

Head & Tranny Off!

Block Out!

Can't wait to have heR running!

Going to clean the bay up real good. Any recommendations on what to use?


Block Torn Apart - Ready to be dropped off at the machine shop.

Dirty a** tranny

What a mess!



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More Parts Arrived!

OEM Goodness

Carbon Fiber Driver Vent


Oil Filter (GSR), VC Gasket (GSR), Oil Pan Gasket (GSR), Wheel Studs, Strut Bar Sticker, Center Console Cap



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Bought some Gunk Degreaser and cleaned up the engine bay, valve cover, brackets, etc...

Also received my Hasport Mounts & JDM ITR Shift Boot from ICB.

We dropped my motor off to Baca's Machine Shop and he said he'll be starting on it Monday.

Looking MUCH Better

JDM ITR Shift Boot

Everythang Laid Out



Before & After



Sorry I didn't take great pictures. I am just getting over a bad cold and didn't really want to take any pictures.

So right now I don't have anything to do until I hear back from the Machinist. I will keep you guys updated! =)



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Found a picture of my R hanging out with heR other R buddies.



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 « Re: Mikey's 98 ITR #0413 (Bitanga)« » Reply  Edit


Almost there!

Just waiting on my bearings & thrust washers to assemble my motor.

Misc. Parts I am waiting for: OEM Honda "The Power of Dreams" Plate Frames, HID Kit, LED Bulbs & another Spoon Sports Rear Strut Bar.

Hell yeah!



Super exciting! We are almost there. Before I know it the R will be running.



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WOW! This piece is BEAUTIFUL.

It's definitely one of my favorite parts so far.

Shoutout to 'EK MONEY' off of Honda-Tech for hooking me up!



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Almost there!

"Light at the end of the tunnel lol." -redGSRguy

So! I finally got my motor back today. Unfortunately I don't have any time to install it this weekend. Plus he forgot to resurface my flywheel so that'll be ready Monday. Next Saturday my GSR is in a car show. I kinda want to skip it to install my motor but it's okay lol. The next available weekend I have is the last weekend of the month. :mad:

A lot of my buddies were saying not to paint it but they bead blasted (I think) my cylinder head so it doesn't match anything. They did the same with my GSR head and I've ALWAYS regretted not painting the motor. I appreciate your guys feedback. I always go with my gut feeling though.

"Well here's your chance to mess up a ITR motor instead" -JDMJNKY

So we decided to paint this motor. I like it, I know it might peel, whatever... Just like it'll get filthy not painted!

NPR 81.50mm Pistons

Block Painted

USDM yo!

Ready for Paint


Looking Good

Way Better, IMO



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Did some work today.

I figured... Since I'm painting the head, block & tranny that I might as well paint everything else LOL.

I'm HOPING after BLOX next weekend we can start installing the motor and get it running on Sunday.

Intake Manifold Finished

Head Drying

Dizzy Finished

VTEC Solenoid, Cam Caps & Water Neck Finished

Of course I had to test fit them lol. Unfortunately I didn't have my valve cover with me.

Brackets Finished

Oil Pan Before

Oil Pan Primed

Oil Pan Finished

Block Finished

OEM Carbon Fiber Wire Cover Arrived

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