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 Would you buy this ITR?
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Came across an ITR for sale locally for $4850 (lowest the seller would go) but it's in pretty rough shape


*Tranny will likely need replacing. Grinds into 3rd and there's so much play in the transmission you can't tell if you're in gear or neutral
*Some rust starting to show on the body in the door jam areas and in the rear qp
*Rebuilt title from front end collision previously
*Car is sweating/leaking oil from the bottom of the block
*Current owner is the kind of driver that continuously revs the car at a stoplight and does pulls all night and day

Price of the car is $4850USD, body has 150000miles but 2000miles on a rebuilt motor. Tranny matches mileage of the body

1998 integra type r #098-6XX

Motor/engine bay/exhaust

* Bottom end bored .05mm over
* 11/7 Weisel pistons
* Apr full bolt kit
* Type r head redone - 3k on motor
* Authentic mugen intake
* Authentic mugen jasma catback exhaust
* Rev 9 radiator
* Yellow top battery
* Plm headers with skid plate
* Air to fuel regulator
* Wiring semi redone
* All parts cleaned inside out
* New oem stage 1 plus clutch
* New tie rods
* New steering rack


* 5 bolt
* Authentic mugen struts
* Tien Springs
* Rear camber kit


* Authentic mugen carbon fiber wing
* (Base and top carbon. Stands aluminum)
* 16 inch rota slipstream
* Top 1 carbon fiber canards
* Carbon fiber air duct
* Optional sidekicks from factory
* Jdm front end
* Yellow Hid lights
* Painted black roof
* Red Jdm Honda emblems
* Window visors


* Stock red recaro dc2s
* Semi Gutted interior but have backs seats in (have all to go back in )
* Carbon fiber pillar bar
* Carbon fiber nrg quick release
* Carbon fiber airbag delete
* Momo race wheel
* Spoon mirror glass (blue)
* Spoon rear view mirror glass (blue)
* Type r support bar in trunk
* Kenwood deck
* Rpm gauge
* Air to fuel gauge
* Roof liner,trunk cover and pillar redone red suade to match seats
* Skunk 2 weighted shift knob

All things considered, should I proceed with this? Mugen bits are authentic from what I can tell, the only questionable thing is the DC5 wing



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Personally I wouldn't be afraid of anything but the rust. Rust kills a lot of cars for me. Once it has made its way to the quarter panels, who knows what underneath entails. All of that aside I would look underneath it and ask yourself how much work you want to do. I would also inspect the repair of the front end and see if you will need to re-do anything on that end of the car. Sounds like you could make most your money back if not more if you part it out, if you decide that it will be more work than you are looking for! Keep us posted!
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