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I'm all in with forums making a come back. I've been around a little while, but don't post much here. Mostly on EM1Crew, until the server host shut down without notice. But also on a couple other forums.

From kind of lost modifying with cheap parts, to finally finding the direction I'd take the car, hang on for a post dump. I'll update with everything I have to current.

Car was purchased in September 2005 and has taken form over the last 11yrs. Pics are in chronological order.

Parts list:
- Sparco Ergo (M) driver w/ PCI floor mount rail
- Sparco Pro2000 passenger w/ PCI floor mount rail
- Black RaceQuip 6pt harnesses w/ arm restraints
- AP1 S2000 steering wheel w/ cruise control
- AP1 cluster conversion w/ WireWorx harness and K Tuned converter
- AutoMeter Quick light shift light
- ProSport digital wideband AFR gauge
- Defi ZD Advance
- AutoPower Race rollbar powder coated matte black
- Cusco door bars
- Spoon duracon shift knob/ Buddy Club (Rotating Daily)
- Karcepts weighted shift knob (Track)
- OEM CTR shift boot
- WorxTuning dead pedal
- OEM Type Rx pedal set
- Momo blue/black Ebrake handle
- Momo Black Ebrake boot
- OEM USDM armrest delete
- US Navy digi camo uniform material headliner
- Black tweed "A, B/C" pillars
- Black tweed door panel inserts
- OEM grab rail added to driver side overhead
- 2001 CRV cabin filter
- Spoon blue anti-glare wide glass in DC2R rearview mirror
- 35% doors/20% rear 3 tint
- LED dome/map lights

- OEM CTR headlights w/ City Lights
- Left OEM CTR foglight
- Right PWGayDM carbon intake duct
- Special Projects P1 spec Time Attack airdam w/ splitter
- Special Projects P1 spec rear spoiler
- PCI 4in race spec side skirts
- Top1 full rear diffuser
- Track Life Composites small fender cutouts
- WeberSport gen 1 vented carbon hood, color matched :(
- 949 Racing 6UL 15x9 +36 (front) 15x8 +36 (rear) w/ 225/45/15 Hankook Ventus R-S3 (street)
- 949 Racing 6UL 15x9 +36 (front) 15x8 +36 (rear) w/ 225/45/15 Hankook Ventus Z214 C71 slicks (track)
- Spoon carbon Gen3 power mirrors
- Honda Access visors
- Golden Eagle rear tow hook
- RaceQuip front tow strap
- OEM "Civic" hood bra (only for road trips)

- Tien Type HA w/ pillowball
- Tein EDFC
- Carbing 3pt w/ MCB front tower bar
- Spoon RigiCola
- EM Racing rear upper bar
- EM Racing upper to floor diagonal bar
- EM Racing trunk floor bar
- Spoon twinblock calipers
- StopTech 2008 Mini Cooper slotted rotors
- Hawk DTC-60 pads - front
- Rotora slotted rotors - rear
- Hawk HPS pads - rear
- F7 spherical LCA's
- OEM front LCA's w/ PIC bushings + compliance bushings
- HardRace front sway endlinks/bushings
- ASR subframe brace; Cusco blue
- ASR 24mm rear sway bar
- F7 spherical end links
- PCI spherical RTA bushings
- Buddy Club P1 f/r camber kit
- Buddy Club P1 extended ball joints
- Earl's SS brake lines

- 1996 Spec JDM B18C-R
- Toda Spec A cams w/ Toda cam gears
- Hondata S300 v3
- Self customized/sleeved charge/ground harnesses
- Self customized/sleeved reverse switch harness
- Self made braided grounds
- Spoon Signed valve cover (Special occasions)
- Spoon Unsigned valve cover (Daily)
- Spoon LSD
- Spoon rad hoses
- Spoon rad cap
- Spoon fan switch
- Spoon thermostat
- Spoon plug wires
- Spoon kevlar plug cover, Gen 1
- Spoon magnetic oil/trans drain bolts
- Spoon oil pan heat barrier tape
- Spoon black rad stay
- OEM ITR intake arm w/ ITR CT filter and Comptech Icebox intake
- GearSpeed SS+ synchros
- Koyo radiator w/ slim fan
- Fastline shifter
- Dime's Performance solid shifter bushings
- Toda v2 header w/ purple haze titainium hardware
- T1R resonated test pipe
- Buddy Club spec II exhaust
- ChaseBay's black tuck clutch line
- Tein hood dampers
- Carbing cooling plate
- Hasport mounts, black series
- Various Downstar black hardware
- Black flat washer VC kit
- Steel grey VTEC solenoid cover

This shot is maybe January 2006 after I took off the 17s that were on it and put on the 16s...

July 2008 after the current wheels were purchased…

January 2009 at the time I got out of the Navy and was unemployed for a short time…

So I had these "A" and "B/C" pillars with black tweed over them from back in 2005. They were supposed to go on my FBP when it came out of the shop for the 2005 show season. The entire upper interior was wrapped in black tweed and the lower was done in blue/black tweed. I had picked it all from my interior guy and then I had to go out to sea for the Navy. It came out great and I was a week from putting it in the car. When I got back from being at sea for a week the car was supposed to be ready for reassembly at the body shop and I was going to start putting the interior back into the car. As I headed to my beater after getting off the ship I saw that I had a message from the body shop and they needed me to call. Just figuring that the car wasn’t as far as we had hoped I called. Turns out that the care had been stripped of all the turbo set up, head, rims, even the c/f hood that they had to break to get into the was bad. *No the shop was not connected to this...they are like family and the sponsored the car* Anyway...since 2005 that car and all of the stuff has been sitting. I was lucky enough to find a house with a killer garage and have just stored the car. I knew the interior wouldn’t look right in the EBP and I wasn’t really into the full tweed interior anymore. But I had wondered how the pillars would look. I had been considering painting the interior panels black but just cannot bring myself to do it.

So Sat about 4pm the wife wants to take a nap. I said that’s cool, I am going to the garage for a little while. I will come back in in about an hour to see what we are going to do. I go up in the garage attic and pull out the black tweed "A" "B/C" pillars and mock them up in the car to get an idea what they would look like. *Bumper not going on the car, just stored in the attic*

Of course you can never get a good idea unless you actually put it together. So by 5pm this is what I had...

So then I got to thinking...I have this much taken apart I may as well put the c/f headliner in that had been sitting around since 2004. It was meant for the FBP but there are no plans to bring it back to life so it was going in the EBP anyway.

So by 530pm that night here is what my car looked like...And it was in for the night.

Sunday before Church I pop in the c/f sunshade and hung the sunroof unit back in the car and got the headliner secure enough to be left for the day. Only 1.5hrs of work done on Sunday.

Now there is no passenger handle, driver side garment hook, or front map light as the headliner was not cut for them. When I ordered the headliner I was not able to get a 99-00 as they only had a 96-98 in stock. I still have a dome light so I didn’t really care...I can always cut in the map light if I feel the need for one. The other parts that are light grey are painted black to blend in with the headliner.

And I have had these harnesses forever as well. 3 points w/ a release in the back.

The parts that were in the way...

Carpet out!

Floor pan...yes I cleaned the crap out of it before putting carpet and plastic parts back in.

Fitting and cutting in the new carpet

Back together!

Super sweet EbayDM black CTR 5 piece mat set...pulled off the badges because they are fake and I don’t own a CTR.

And the CF headliner with all black parts rather than the light gray. The sunroof dressing isn’t popped out anymore its all worked into place and it is black as well. I need to touch up the black though.
With the sunshade drawn...

Feb 2009…
Some sundown/low lighting pics…

July 2009…

Picked up this Carbon Kevlar hood a while back and had it put up until I was able to do what I wanted to with it. Sparco hood pins and a fresh clear...

And a couple "Booty"

Jan 2010…

CTRs and HIDs. These are all night shots showing the lighting.

Citylights/Parking lights

Citylights/Parking w/ Fogs

All lights HIDs=6k

And a black/white of the last pic just because I like it

Both of my toys together...

April 2010
Wife’s tranny was pretty much shot and I picked up a Spoon LSD tranny sooo…Start of getting the tranny swapped for both our EM1’s. So here are a few shots the wifey snapped while I was working...


And the Vibrant header...out of hers and in mine.

Buddy of mine with an EBP EM1 was rockin' the full stock exhaust and wanted a WS2...we wanted stock on the MR...we made a deal

July 2010
My bay dress up...really dirty and needs a VC to help set it off. Got something in the works though

Jacked up and ready to pull the LCA's

Finished...well still need the sway bar but the LCA's and ASR are in place...

Spoon torque damper, check!

I know we have torqueless rides, but I’m a sucker for Spoon parts

Filler’ up!

September 2010…

And yes, I know the Beaks is over kill...but I like it

Moved up from Rota to "legit wheels" with a set of RC Carving Starks. Got them in the usual silver w/ polished lip. They were in good shape just needed a little TLC. Had them powder coated white. Pics right after the Starks went on.


Dec 2010...
Checked the brakes for the upcoming AutoX weekend. Front pads looked new with 70k miles on them Driver front caliper was shot so I just replaced both fronts. Also put on the Earl's SS brake lines I bought years ago and never put on. I did replace the rear pads and also cleaned and put a coat of high temp flat black paint on all 4 calipers. Looking perddy now. Oh, and put the RC stickers on the spoke faces. Still looking to find proper placement pics for the new barrel stickers.

And a pic for fun

Feb 2011...
Well I thought I would update my indash electronics. I made the step up from an OEM 1999 CD player to my old school 2000 Mini Disk player w/ 6 disk CD changer (in trunk). The MD player is JDM at its finest as I purchased it back in 2000 before moving back to the US. And what makes it great is that it was designed with the military in mind as it is in English and has US spec radio stations. When I was over there they had an International type section where you could purchase the Japanese product with kind of the big picture in mind. I ran this for a long time and it has just been sitting on a shelf. Thought I would dust it off and rock it again for a while

Feb 2011...
Well, I want to keep the Starks proper and keep the rubber as long as possible. So since I am now doing AutoX and HPDE it was time to source some track wheels. Found a great deal on some Kosei K1's from a local guy on NASAForums. Delivered last night

15x7 w/ Toyo Proxes RA1's 225/45/15

Feb 2011...
Went down to Wilmington, NC to run an AutoX on Sunday. Placed 3rd in Novice with a time of 38.705sec. Second AutoX ever and first running with the SCCA. Good group of people down there, very much enjoyed it!

March 2011...
Went out with the people I AutoX/HPDE with for a drive on Sat. Here is some of the crew...

Some of my shots...

April 2011...
Well had my first HPDE weekend this past weekend. I was at NCCAR, google that to see their site, and it is a great place to learn! I pushed the car harder than I thought it could go and learned so much about how to use the car in that environment. I had HUGE improvement from my first lap on my first session to my last of my last session on Sunday. My instructor after the first day said my driving was night and day. Sunday we worked at getting more aggressive and finding more in the car. I was tearing up the S2000's in HPDE 1 with me and I ate a 350Z several times. And we had a GT-R that was in HPDE 2 on Saturday get bumped down for Sunday to DE 1 and yeah I ate him He was def scared of his I out ran lots of cars that you wouldnt think possible. I know a lot of it comes down to driver and them not pushing the car as hard for whatever reason. But I built mine to push!

On my last lap of my final session coming out of turn 4 I heard a back fire sound and shortly after it didnt feel right. At turn 13 (final turn) I knew something was way off. We got the checker for our cool down lap and at about 3k rpm I was hearing a blow by type sound. Sounded like an exhaust leak. We get it back and let it cool down because idle and everything was fine. Only at 3k up was it weird. Turns out I pretty much torched my cat and it plugged up causing me to blow my gasket at the header/cat. So, Sunday I ran open header and tore it up all day! I then had to drive the 1.5hrs home with an open DEAF!!!

Here are a couple pics for now. Maybe have some more a little later

Coming down the front straight at about 110mph. By the last couple sessions on Sunday I had a sweet line coming out of the turns before it and was able to get 120mph near the end and bang rev limiter. There was no reason to up shift as the front straight comes up to a hairpin turn. And I was getting close enough to the brake zone that it was safer to just ride it out than take more and dig the brakes even harder.

Toyo Proxes RA1
Before (Stock photo)...

After two days and about 210mi on track...Oh, and that torn up side is not from inner camber because thats the outside of the tire

And a short clip of me heading home on the open
<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
April 2011...
And a couple pics from this evening...

O-E-M Fressssshhhhhhhh...

April 2011...
Cool it!

Fill up shot this AM as the sun was coming up. Just thought it was kinda cool for a cell pic.

June 2011...
Thought I would go ahead and try one of the two after market exhausts I'm willing to put on my car...

Spoon Gen 1 Street muffler...

Sept 2011...
"Official update" of the wheel change and random pics that have already been

16x7 +42, Work RSZ-R's. Found this set BNIB...some say the last known set never mounted...who knows Rubber is 215/45/16 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11...

Couple of the latest AutoX pics...

And the latest Spoonaholic purchase, Authentic Spoon racing team jacket

Oct 2011
Dragon run

Spoon! Yeah, we all know I'm a
B Series Spoon VC signed as well as a S2000 Spoon VC signed

Nov 2011...
Our team hosted a time attack type event at NCCAR the past weekend, one of my runs
Dec 2011...
Well, the car is off the road until sometime next year. One of the Tein's started leaking this year and my trans has been crapping out. After about 8yrs, 80k miles and 1 race season I'm shipping the shock sections back to Tein for a full overhaul. Minty fresh for next year. Trans wont go in first a lot of the time, 2nd has issues going in from 1 sometimes and all the time from 3-2. Grinds at higer revs into 3-5 and R can be a pain to get in as I bought the trans being told it was in good shape but really it didnt matter since it had the Spoon LSD in it. As long as that was working proper I made out like a bandit, and it works just fine So, my original trans will get an overhaul and the Spoon dif put in for a nice fresh trans for the new year also.

Yesterday the car was put up on stands and the tear down began. Of course the wheels were first to come off and I pulled the front coilovers, cat and mid-pipe are down and trans as well. Trans goes under the knife this week and I should have the rear coils off tonight. Pull the springs off and pack up the shocks and off they go.

There are a few things I know will happen but a few that are up in the air. Pics to come on how the car looks and what is going on
Dec 2011...
Wheels up

Trans out

Suspension out

Taken apart, shock assy's ready for ship and all parts ready for storage

Stuff to be done

Jan 2012...
Well, last weekend the UR flywheel went on and I wired/installed the slim fan. Plan on dropping the header in and a couple other things on Sunday. Nagger dropped off the trans last night, fresh from getting new GearSpeed SS+ synchros, cleaned, inspected dif changed over and back together. Now I will again have my OEM VIN matching trans in the car after having the junked trans w/ dope Also I put in a decent order with a friend for some stuff from Honda. On the way will be...
- New tierod ends
- Pass tierod dust boot and new clips
- Axel oil seals
- Wheel bearings
- Trans dowel pins
- Clutch fork boot
- Washer fluid hose clip on shock tower
Jan 2012...
KiddRacing header in place...stack of OEM parts in...

Feb 2012
HardRace came in

Spare mounted

Feb 2012...
New wheel bearings and ARP extended studs

Feb 2012...
Tein came home today

In the box are the fully rebuilt dampers, new spring seats and front pillow ball mounts

March 2012...
Well it was a very good day today. Trans is back in and passenger side it back together. Driver side had a delay due to AutoZone not having my axel in stock for the warrenty exchange. It will be in tomorrow so I hope to get it all back in here very soon. I would think that if I do not get a chance this week, next weekend the car will be on the ground again.

Few shots of it coming back together...

March 2012...
Cables for EDFC are in and controller mounted in the cluster. Test run was good to go! Penlight shift light mounted to the side of the EDFC controller and wired. Rear Spoon tower bar in and rear carpet cut out. Exhaust together and good to go. Track wheels are on the car and.....


On the ground! Letting it settle some and then the ride height will be set at track wheel functional.
March 2012...
Bumper back on and driven for the first time since Dec 22!

March 2012...
First bath in 4 months. LOVE it being back on the road

Loaded up for the track tomorrow )

DOOK washed out cell pic of the new audio area Real photos soon enough.

April 2012...

April 2012...
First race back!...

And a few more :vtec:

May 2012...
Well good day of racing today Here are a couple vids...

And they gave out some of the awards from last season. There were about 60 people in the novice class last year and a lot of different cars with no mod restrictions to enter novice. Only way to run novice was just be first year...

Local show...May 2012. SumoSpeed's SpringFest!

July 2012...
Spoon wide rear view mirror? Yes please!

July 2012...
Unsigned Spoon VC for daily use...

Roll bar back from powder coat, neon yellow!

July 2012...

July 2012...
Picked up a few things lately...
"New" hood, but it will be delayed in showing since it came in damaged :( And Aerocatch plus flush pins w/ Aerocatch rear back plates.

Import Alliance was this past weekend and of course I was there I made my way into the K-Tuned booth as a friend was chatting with someone there. Good thing too as it reminded me about the new fully adjustable B series shifter that just came out. Spent a lot of time talking to Stunna Ben and he took me to N1 Concepts booth to check the shifter in a car. K-Tuned did me right and I walked about with one of a couple shifters they brought with them to IA

August 2012...
RAWR! Today was good Quick little drizzle on the 3rd of 5 runs.

Run 3

Run 4

Run 5
Past weekend...
Saturday, pulled out the interior to finally put my headliner back in. Got that done and all the upper parts in. Ready to start fitting the roll bar and then the FG Si coupe rear seats...

Sunday, fitted the roll bar with the holes all marked to drill. Rear plastics in to mark off the spots to cut for the legs. Should be cutting those out tomorrow and hope to drill out the holes...




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Saturday a couple friends came over to help finish the install. And as you can see I put in the newer Si coupe rear seats as well

Saturday evening, all back together and packed for racing today! Sucks though because I failed to check the GoPro battery level. I found out while in grid that it was dead :( No videos today...

Sorry for all the cell pics. Its been a rather busy
And a few from a friend on the way to and at IA



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K-Tuned B-Series shifter installed!
Assembled to linkage...


Inside the car before attaching the upper...

Upper section adjustment teeth for locking in place...

Locking hardware. You can see the pin that sticks down into the teeth to lock the position...

Height adjustment...

Assembled in the car...



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Said goodbye to the RSZ-R's...

Well, we had quite the threat of rain so our turnout was low. I ended up running in the second of 2 heats rather than my normal 1st. First heat had dry runs and had to stand in a freakin' monsoon while us in the second heat got one dry run and then 3 in that My outside camera ran out of memory card for the 4th run when it was the worst but I still had the roll bar going. Here are some inside and outside videos...

Run 1 via roll bar...

Run 1 via roof mount...

Run 3 via roof mount...

Run 4 via roll bar...

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Well, here they are...the new wheels...

SW388's w/ fresh anodizing

Dragon meet this past weekend


Photo credit to the respective sites...



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Last autox of the year :(

And I went in a little hot in one section and found myself throwing this run

Couple my buddy took at the last autocross a couple weeks ago



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Ok, so I haven't said anything as I wasn't sure when/if things were going to actually go down. I was selling stuff to save for new seats but then a friend and I were talking and he was in a spot that he needed a motor. I jokingly said buy mine and I'll pick up the one I want. Quickly the seat plan got put on the back burner and he opted to get my motor. Pulled it between Saturday/Sunday with the limited time we had each day to work...
Hover car status was not just for fender

What might be going in place you ask? I went up to Richmond, about 2hrs from me, with a buddy to look at motors at JspecAuto.
Had my choice of 3 96/97 Spec B18C-R's...2 pictured as the 3rd was being pulled...

Choice made! Got the full swap and will be parting what I dont need

Random shifter that was on the linkage that didnt look like ITR. Some mystery JDM

And on the subject of seats...homie decided that he wanted the Accord Euro R seats they had in stock at a crazy crack head price. So actually I will probably get his JDM black DC2's to replace my red Recaro Speed's. If I decide I want something a little more then the JDM's will go f/s


OEM fresh for the R!



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Been rather busy over the holiday season. Didnt get a lot done but still pressing forward

Got a little work in yesterday. Ended up having to drop the subframe...

Fluids for the heart...and my OC holster

Couple Christmas gifts :D

So, I'm not the biggest fan of Chase Bay's and reason again proven with the tuck clutch line and their resolution to my issue. The banjo bolt is to long for a S2000 cmc. It doesnt seat to seal. Their answer was "just put more crush washers in it." Sorry, I'm not going to do that in a car that actually gets driven. So, that line will be FS for what I paid for it ($50 from Jason - B18C Inside) so I can replace it with one that actually works properly with the S2000 cmc. I did check the line to a Civic cmc and it works just fine, the line connection is a little deeper on the Civic cmc.

So again, not much progress due to weather and helping a friend with his project. He has a timeline with some shops to take his caR for his work. So Friday I spent 2hrs driving 15mi to his house and 2hrs home for 2hrs of SE VA and snow flakes dont mix well. Traffic was stupid so I just sat back and laughed at them in my safe, lifted 4x4

His '97 JDM front ITR, motor going in for a full refresh and the car is going to have the JDM front pulled off and reworked as a hack job put it on. Also he will be having the bay painted and cleaned up. Non tuck/show but he is getting hanesses to clean it up. The caR is a toy for him and it will be his track car that comes out to meets and such, similar to me Only its not his

But I did get the last 2 bolts in the subframe. 2 of the bolts are 2 short after installing the RigiCola so I replaced them with new subframe bolts that are a little longer. Also started putting the Golden Eagle fuel rail together. Seems the AEM FPR with a straight fitting hits the IM so I'm going to trim down the trouble area on the IM as its just a hunk of metal for an unused fuel rail bolt now that I'm using the GE...



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Well I've been way slack on updates so here is a bit of whats been going on since Jan...

More Jan -
Got some small stuff done. Rerouted an EDFC cable off of the firewall and out of sight. Decided to keep the Civic cmc and use the ChaseBay tuck clutch line so all that mess came off and changed. Pulled off some brackets and painted them. Changed the fuel filter. New O-ring on the rad drain plug.

Feb -
Really been to busy to work on the car. Lots going on during the week and not really anyone that can come over after work to help. Traffic here doesnt make it worth trying to work after Weekends have been rather busy since getting back from Cali as well. I'm hoping to get some work in the weekend though. I am going to try and get some stuff done this week that I dont need help with to help prepare.

I did this last week change the connector on the Rywire alternator side as it was broken (bought the harness second hand). Also pulled the oil pan off the ITR motor to swap on my old Moroso. Yeah, B16 and B18C oil pick ups are AND the pan I have doesnt work work the ITR trans brace. So, back on goes the OEM pan. I was only changing it because I had it.

March -
I cleaned up the AC, PS and Alt brackets and prime/painted them and then put back on the engine. And as I plan on running the Rywire harness though the OEM harness location on the firewall I started pushing connectors thought the boot. I had to cut it back a little but it wont matter after I'm done and tape it back up. I'll have just 1 connector to de-pin I think and I'll get it all through

Got the last connectors through the boot I had to de-pin them to get them though. One pin wouldn't release as the lock lifter was already messed up. I got it out

I've got spare "junk" harnesses that I can rob from though and I've replaced the connector. I've now got the Rywire harness with an OEM firewall boot

A friend and I took the day off and finally got the engine off the stand! Changed out the rear main seal, put on the Spoon heat barrier tape for the oil pan, Alt belt, put on the Rywire harness, flywheel, clutch/pressure plate, mounted the trans, and moved the whole deal over to the other bay and lowered the engine/trans into the bay! :D Couple issues to work out as the AC belt was way to small. Part number checked out but def not right. Ordered another belt for that and some bolts. Rear mount bolt had some threads messed up at the end and the die wouldnt cut them back as they were to low on the bolt. Used it to support the engine as it would make a couple turns though before hanging up. Driver bolt, wouldnt fit. Changed from the Hasport silver mounts to black mounts...through hole is smaller on the black mounts. Ordered a new one for that side. Goal for the day yesterday was met Got some good work in. Pics to follow as I cant get to my photobucket from my work computer...

So the black series Hasport mounts I got from a friend have a larger driver bracket. My old silver ones I had no issues at all with PS/CC mounting.

Had to trim out the PS res to make the bracket fit. Also had to remove the bottom bracket of the CC unit.

And the Si throttle cable bracket hits the ITR IAT sensor. And the way the ITR bracket sits the cable is off from the mounting. Serge said it would adjust ok to use but I just flipped the bracket and it now sits in the right spot! :D

RyWire subharness, depinned on one end as I was going to start to extend the wires. But, there were some cut and resoldered wires that I wanted to check. And one thats cut but looks like it should be connected. I'm going to just call RyWire on Monday and see about having a longer subharness made/sent. I dont want one thats hacked up as much as this one...

Since the RyWire harness doesn't have the Alt cable in it I have to run one. The cut ITR harness that came with the swap had an uncut full length Alt cable in it. We cut the loom off, pulled it out and I ran shrink over it and then put expanding loom over it

April -
Well, I got the RyWire sub harness Thursday before leaving for NC for a few days. I packed up a kit to work on it in the hotel while the wife was at her conference. Get all things laid out in the room to prep for making cuts and solder...forgot the dang jewelers screw driver to depin the new connector harness! So, I made Friday a lazy day and did nothing.

Saturday, met up with some EM1Crew friends at a meet in Winston, about 1.5hrs west of where I was in Durham. Took the TSX out for the day while wifey was again in her conference

Sunday, pulled the new harness apart and got all the soldering done, HondaBond around the wires and then marine heat shrink sealed the wires for environmental controls Then to run full length shrink to clean up the look...easier said than done as it was like 4ft or so of wire to push though and wire doesnt exactly just push through shrink like Sooooo, I took a coat hanger and tied fishing line to it, pushed it through the shrink to the other side. Depined the other side of the harness so all I had was a free wire and then tied the line to it. Then, I tied another line to it and pulled the wire through the shrink. Get to the end, tie the two ends of the fishing line together and pull back through to start over. I had to do it that way rather than just pull one way and then the other as one end the pins has rubber environmental seals that would hang up and tear. I didnt want to take a chance at damaging the seal or hurting the pins. In all before I had to quit to get some other stuff done I got 6 of the 8 wires pulled into shrink. I'll finish the last two tonight or tomorrow and then run it into the expandable loom to finish the harness off.

Getting started in the pull in...

Line tied off to go each way!

After work yesterday I sleeved the reverse sensor in place...didnt see the need to remove

And the battery tray...

Also put the upper timing belt cover back on and got the parts rounded up to put on the VC



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Almost done!

Little work in Saturday. Found out the swap came with 36mm axels by mistake. No big deal just sucks I'll still be in parts store axels vice OEM again. I had to pick up a new passenger side as I used it on the old FBP of my wifes when my car came off the road. Driver side is back together and the header is in place, just not fully tightened down. Also remove the secondary O2 sensor since I'll be running OBD1 and wont need it. Took the sensor out of boot and filled it with Honda Bond to seal the pass though to the cabin of the car.



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Ok, for those that either arent on FB or we are not friends on FB, here is the latest

Saturday - FIRST START!!!!

Monday -
Buttoned it all up minus hood and bumper as there was no need until we were good to go. Got some extra HP's for the SW's too!

Cleaned up and new, replacement stickers for them...

My homie Jose in the back cleaning all the studs before applying antiseize for the new lug nuts...

Ready to go!

RyWire harness and the "Landon's Garage" harness work

And the PLM Toda Rep ground clearance as compared to chapstick...Also, you will see some oil to the right. Below will be the video of the first test drive Looks like the front main didnt seat right :( Changing on friady...

First drive!



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The pics of yesterday, Friday, speak to the status

The reason for my leak. Seems I didnt get a seat with how the two

First bath in like 5 months...

Also havent heard my rad fan kick on. Got looking into it last night but havent found what is going on. Started with the basics, is it plugged in? Can I jump the fan switch and turn on? Fuses/relay...that was Checked grounds at the fan and switch. Rang out from fan switch to ECU. Rang from switch to fan. About 5v at the switch but no voltage is getting to the fan. I know in the end I can just run in manual but of course I'd rather it work with the system. More TS tonight...

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