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 My $65 JRSC Build -Picture Heavy
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  My $65 JRSC Build -Picture Heavy« » Reply  Edit

so as some of you know im doing an in depth custom p.i.m.p. setup with a JRSC M45 kit.

it all started one day with wanting last year riding with a buddy to a meet in his ZZP Stage 3 ion, it was quick everything zzp you could imagine set at 15psi. that car was fun and the whine was loud and you could hear it forever away.

anyways last month i was searching predated sale posts on facebook groups and found some older for sale posts of supercharger setups and i contacted a couple guys and the last dude i contacted didnt respond for a week as everyone said theres was sold along time ago, but this dude had it yet. he said make me an offer it's just taking up space. so i offered him a hundo shipped and he said sure. i was skeptical at first but dude sent me pics and i said fuck it and worked out the shipping arrangements with him, 3 days later it was on my doorstep.

in state bought:

It was like Christmas came early opening it haha:

Before tearing it down to start my project:


decided to re-finish the manifold and clean it up a bit:

after some elbow grease

I found it easier to use a wire brush on the stamped part. it came out super clean with some elbow grease and i cleaned it up with some carb cleaner and shop towels:

i left the bypass valve on and diverter, it was one less gasket to replace and i cleaned it up nice and just taped it off with some other areas. i used high temp gloss black. i wanted to wrinkle and bake it but since i left the bypass on i just glossed it:

tape removed, now the fun stuff begins:

im deleting the JRSC stock fuel source so in place of the ugly IAT Sensor i NPT fitted it for my mechanical Boost Gauge:

i wanted to do something different so i decided to paint the Stamped logo, i used TESTORS medel acrylic gloss paint, the OE Red and White:

i let it sit for a day to dry and sanded it with 150grit Emory Cloth:

the stock stand offs are shit so im getting some custom ones from ColorFittings:

what the new ones will look like:

also getting a Reman made of a tentioner bracket and pulleys from them, so excited:

so i plan to delete the JRSC fuel management and do my own custom set-up.
my laptop crashed or id have a dozen more photos.
the IACE is blocked off on the bottom of the Throttlebody and ive also painted the S-Tube black this will be my winter project and ill post more as im going along with the project

working on my own custom map to run this build, mapping is nowhere near done but this is sofar where im at.
just incorporated boost tools now editing the stock D15b Vtec map.

retard degree @1.00%lb/psi and fuel at 105%

i went to change the oil but it was literally fresh haha i took a look inside and the coupler was replaced so i left that all alone

S-tube and IACE blockoff template. previous owner had a piece of a license plate cut to cover it i had some leftover fiberglass sheet from when i made my custom lip so i made a temporary block-off until i get some sheet aluminum it has a gasket.
alot of bolts are not OE and i plan on upgrading them all to non corrosive Grade9 or something eventually before i install it.

new plan template:

got around to doing the s-tube as well:

assembled it.
the m45 was a dull cream when i bought it, with the fact of it being under the manifold and Master when i install it im not worried about it's appearance as also the catchcan will be mounted above the snout as well.

i still plan to rotate the pulley once i figure out how to get it off
i contacted MOSS HARROP Eaton and MAGNUSON with no luck until lastnight MAGNUSON contacted me back Via e-mail and confirmed that there M45 Snout Pulley NUT was indeed M12x1.75 i think the previous owner had used an impact on the one that was on prior to me buying it in which seems like the only logical solution as to why i cant get the bolt on comletely
here's a picture of the current assembly.

waiting on my stand-offs for the fuel rail yet and the DSM 450cc gasket kit.

i left the throttle body alone as the gaskets are good but i might hit it with some high-temp and brush the paint on.

im awaiting yet on the Tentioner bracket to be completed, i know these are hard to find but i have a buddy making them, they will be like $250 assembled with pulleys i believe. if anyone is interested let me know. heres how crispy they will look. can get them annodized at additional cost and not sure if he plans to make the tension pulleys and also anodized,

i will continue to update as i get more parts and summer rolls in. Enjoy

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 « Re: My $65 JRSC Build -Picture Heavy (Projekt2nr)« » Reply  Edit

Very cool man! This is for sure something unique and out of the ordinary! Please keep it up! The JRSC looks AWESOME painted up! Kudos on custom made pieces for it as well!
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 « Re: My $65 JRSC Build -Picture Heavy (artofmotiongarage)« » Reply  Edit

thanks man appreciate the feedback, my buddy also makes other underdrive pulleys and such for the JRSC anodized as wellhes making or has made a few new orders
heres some of his stuff on ebay

i know these parts are hard to find and few and far between

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Dood, my veetak pops hella quiet, but my kamz make hellzaya power kid.




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 « Re: My $65 JRSC Build -Picture Heavy (Projekt2nr)« » Reply  Edit

here's some random pics throughout the build
rotors have like 90% teflon left and minimal scoring

DSM 450's

it was black before i cleaned it out. my guess was excess bypass due to excess crank pressure without proper relief

back in the day a buddy modified his B16 kit with dual water cooling tubes and re-did some area's of the blower housing and manifold. he owns VPT here in Wi.

check out the kamikaze style header he made for it

all installed

he's pretty awesome when it comes to custom fabrication, he would rally/auto-x it up here and it definetly out performed a basic OE kit

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Dood, my veetak pops hella quiet, but my kamz make hellzaya power kid.


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