Honda plate frames

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 Classifieds Rules and Guidelines *read them or your might be banned*
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  Classifieds Rules and Guidelines *read them or your might be banned*« » Reply  Edit

1) You may sell car related goods only. Nothing else.

2) Small business, shops, etc, may NOT sell in this forum. They must register as a forum vendor through an admin. Large quantities of product is considered a small business. Anything you piece together, produce, etc, and try to sell is also considered a small business.

3) No thread jacking

4) No flaming due to price or product. If you have an issue, PM the seller, don't jack threads

5) You MUST post a legitimate asking price. There are no "best offer" threads or trade only threads.

6) New users must be members for at least 35 days before selling any products

7) Wheels and tires go in the Wheel/tire classifieds. Do not post them here

8) DO NOT post WTB threads in this forum. There's a WTB section for that

9) Do NOT make multiple threads. Create one thread with all of your items. If you have more to add, contact a mod or admin to assist you. Abuse can lead to deletion of your acct.

10) DO NOT post links to other forums, including eBay and Craigslist. Post your pics here, but do not link

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