Honda plate frames

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1) No thread jacking

2) No racial slurs - including the use of the "N word" or any combination or tricky spelling to get around the original spelling. This goes for everyone, we don't care how you talk to your friends. On this forum, it's a racial slur regardless of what you meant. Don't use it.

4) Users may not sell in any forum other than classifieds or the Wheel and tire classifieds. If you're a vendor or sponsor, you may only sell in the Sponsors Marketplace. This goes for blatant advertising or pushing new products as well.

5) Do not advertise or spam NWP with links to other forums

6) A user found with multiple accounts will have all accounts banned immediately

7) No nudity in any forum other than the pRon forum

8) No cursing in the thread titles

9) If you want to share photos of your car, an event, etc, then post the actual photos. Don't make a thread with a link to somewhere else.

10) Post whoring or posting more than necessary in order to "own" a page or increase post count may result in resetting your post count to zero, or a ban.

11) Please don't quote the same pics over and over again on the same page. It's a waste of bandwith and totally unnecessary.



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