The overall goal of this car was/is authenticity, originality, and period correct (as possible) so far I have mostly attended to cosmetic upgrades and have started piecing together motor parts slowly but surely, I have ycp vitara pistons and speed factory no notch long rods I will have a z6 block sleeved before those go in. Skunk 2 pro series manifold & alpha series throttle body I also Plan to do a mild head build valves/springs/retainers and probably a mild cam (still undecided which cam I wanna go with) will probably end up going with Hondata as well for the tuning side with a flex 91/e85 tune usuing the aem fuel pump my overall goal power wise is to be around 320-350 give or take with a 48/57 turbo <— subject to change as the project progresses. But here’s some photos so far where the car sits as well as some of the parts I have stacked up for the time being will update as progress continues (slowly)


Well done so far. Digging the headliner :+1:

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Thanks man it’s got a LONG way till it’s where I want it but making a slow n steady progress with it