any chance someone might have (1) 16x8 +35 5x114.3 fs?

I, too, like Regamasters


Sparkly regamasters now. With stickers and tires.

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Does anyone know if a OG 17x7+35 marquis promada clear a spoon sports caliper?


16x7 +35 OG’s with 17" decals lol


Nice and clean GSR! I don’t know about others but the oem rear spoiler on 3rd gen tegs are really growing on me these days! :blush:

Were you ever with @JST4FFun?

What happened to those guys lately? Are they still around?

Thanks man. Gonna put an ITR wing on sooner or later.

And no I’m not associated with them. Not sure what they’re up to but I enjoy watching their old vids.

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Sounds good! :ok_hand: :+1: Solid car it will look good with whichever one! Jst4ffun dudes need to get back lol.

They had proper taste and some nice content! :grin:

Took car out for a spin today. Been at least a few months since the last time I ran it. 17x7 +45 215/45/17


@hernz_corse 17’s look like they were meant for this chassis. :+1:

Beautiful EP3 done right, I’m surprised you let it sit for that long! :grin:

Yeah 17’s do look best on this chassis. I don’t take it out much due to other hobbies/projects etc. but namely the fact that I tried doing things properly back in 2013 when I swapped in the K20a2. The California Bureau of Automotive Repair deemed my swap not certifiable after three attempts. I was discouraged since I had all purchase receipts with matching VINS from wrecking yard, the car passed smog with no issues, no check engine lights, no hacked wiring. This was also before the roll cage and bucket seats. So I gave up basically. When I want to tinker with Hondas I usually just bring out my 99’ hatch :grin: Thanks for the kind words.:+1:

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When I had my spoon catalog DC5. Sadly it caught fire at Daytona track.

Spoon hood
Everything spoon

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@no.spoon Sorry to hear what happened to your car. :frowning: Everytime I see this car I still remember you posting about the very sad day, and could not imagine how you must’ve felt. :disappointed_relieved:

Not a whole lot of Arctic Blue examples out there, but I remember you worked pretty hard to make your’s into a standout with all those Spoon parts brother. :+1:t3:

Hope the GD3 fills what the DC5 left. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know we always hear how the Honda Fits (GD, GE) are such solid cars, and so are gen4 integras.

Which of the 2 chassis to you is the most solid one or are they about the same? If you had to choose, which one do you honestly think is the most enjoyable (or could be with the right setup)? :confused: :grey_question: :smiley:

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Appreciate the kind words. I love the GD3 SO MUCH MORE. I always had issues with the McPhearson suspension on the DC5. Could never get it dialed in correctly.

Plus I always enjoy being different than others. In the world of dc2’s, eg’s etc. I love the fit. Such an underrated chassis, then add in the k24 into it, it just makes it so much more enjoyable. Can’t wait to get it on track and surprise some people lol.

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OG +35 Diamond Cut aka Machined… Not Polished.

Happy Holidays :christmas_tree::gift:


@DBiNfEcTeD DB lookin really fresh with the brights combo! Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays to you as well! :latin_cross: :star2::christmas_tree:

Please be safe out there everyone. :pray:t3: :night_with_stars:

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