99 Civic ex Front Brake Upgrade Help!

Hello I have a 99 Civic ex and its my dd. Im looking into upgrading my front rotor and pads. Need help and wanted to see if u guys can help me out. Looking for something in the middle price range nothing over $500. What rotor type is good? drilled/slotted, slotted, drilled, or plain. Also what brake pads are good for a dd, I need something that when i down shift and pull. I know that my pads aren’t going to let me down lol. Something that’s going to handle the abuse if u know what I mean. Brake lines are they a good upgrade or not? If you guys can as well post ur brake kit set up, with info please thanxs really appreciate ur guys help :pray:.

Bump!!! Need help compas.

EBC has a different levels of pads for stock calipers, so does brembo. I’m probably going to get some brembo pads for my rear calipers. I wouldn’t get anything too aggressive, but there is plenty of in between that offers performance over stock.