EK4_Brian's Build(s) Thread

Who is EK4_brian?

I’m a 23 year old kid from Long Island, NY who’s currently building 2 Hondas;

A JDM 1998 Civic SIR (EK4) and a USDM 2000 Civic Si (EM1)

WTF are you doing on NWP4life?

Although I’m pretty young compared to some of the people who remember how great NWP was “back in the days” I actually spent a lot of my teenage life scrolling (creeping since I never commented or posted anything.) through the forums either at home or in the library at school, drooling over some of the builds and taking notes as to how I’d want my build to be someday. This was back when I saw Spoon clusters pop up for $700-$750 and thought that was crazy. If only we knew then what we do now, hahaha.

This is me contributing to the resurrection of NWP and its greatness while giving myself the utter satisfaction of being able to start my own build thread as I’ve always wanted deep down inside.

I’m going to start this build thread with a couple of pictures of both my cars. and then go into details on how I acquired these 2 beauties and everything I’ve done since getting them until now.

Heres my JDM EK4:

Heres my USDM EM1:

And my only question… Since both cars are red civics… Separate Build Threads/ Stories or just do it all here?

And for anyone interested in following me on Social Media;
Instagram: @ek4_brian

(totally not doing this for followers haha , would rather you follow me on NWP)


Great looking cars! I fear this revival of this thread will make me want another Honda lol


both great looking cars! welcome to the forums and excited to see where this goes!


Very nice! LOVE RED!! I say keep it in the one thread. Very cool to see younger guys still have some taste. So much junk out there when it comes to “builds”!!


rides look amazing great work

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It’s Inevitable… Just give in :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks Guys! I have a great story for everyone once I get home from work! Stay tuned!

Both cars look nice! :ok_hand: :beers:

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thats fresh! i remember seeing pics of the EK4 a while ago. keep it up!

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Beautiful cars!

Was there chrome dipped CPRs on the EK4 back in the day?


YESSSS This is the car! Glad to see someone recognizes her :+1: :raised_hands:

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yeah! thats how i remember it! i think it was at a meet in new jersey then


Here she is with the Chrome CPR’s at “FMP Bakers meet” back in those days. I was at this meet drooling over the car and thought to myself (At 11 years old) “I’m going to have something like this someday” :exploding_head: Crazy how life works… more on this later.

And here’s my EK4 back when my buddy Melvin Owned it with one of the many setups he did… MUGEN :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks great man! Keep it up! Both cars look great!

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I’ve included pics of what your talking about!! ^^

Yes! :fire::fire::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Looked great then and even better now :+1:t4::+1:t4:

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Wow Brian great builds you got there and I’m digging the red on both! Both #pantydroppers :fire: forsure!! Keep it coming :popcorn: :yum:

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Love the builds! I say keep them both on here!

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Sadly I’ve come to realize Hondas aren’t really panty droppers. unless its the NSX aka “I love your Ferrari” … but they make me happy so f*ck it! :rofl:

I will rephrase that and say they are both a tiny whitey​:briefs:droppers! :sweat_smile: hella Clean!

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