ICB motorsport

Someone here must have experience in dealing with them, or can point me in the right direction.

Since I live in Europe there were shipping problems I wasn’t able to check-out directly on their website.
I tried reaching out to them via the email adress on there. But don’t seem to get any response. Anyone that has contacts there?

Edit: I want to be clear that this is in no way a complaint or a way to talk bad about them. They have been around for long and I bought from them years ago. So just a friendly request for info :wink:

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@icbmatt is a member here.

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Thank you, I hoped he was :blush:

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I would also try calling them. I just got off the phone with @icbmatt today and talked about shipping with COVID going on. I used to be in Germany and would call them often as well.


Thanks, a bit unsure about the time when I should make that call. Time difference and all…