*Official seats show off and identification thred

Wonder how hard it would be to just recover some red or black ones?

I don’t see why it would be difficult…authenticity to me matters when I’m building a car

zero fighter bucket seats

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Rs-ge and mounts that I just got in the mail.

Anyone have MEMORYFAB seat(s) or know where one is for sale?

Dc5 blue recaros on Oem Ek9 rails


Del Sol OEM custom



corbeau rrx

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Currently running a set of JDM EG2 seats.

Have a pair of narrow red Buddyclub seats, gonna put them in my 4th gen hatch. Have these for over 7 years now and never had them in a car. Previously owned by a few friends of mine, originally in a DC2, then a Lancer Evo 1 and a EK4.

Condition is 8/10, the black pieces are a bit faded but overall in good condition.

Have a single black/grey narrow version in my EG hatch but the color is all faded on that one.

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Waiting for a slider to mount the passenger seat

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How do you like those? Was thinking about getting a set

Wow is the only word that comes to mind. They are really awesome to drive in for sure, highly recommend :call_me_hand:t2:

Evasive had them in stock for us

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