(Price check/intrest check) ms design front lip EG coupe/hatch

Hey all. I was wondering is anyone knows what the MS design EG front lips are going for nowadays. Ive had this one for years now.

I knkw they aren’t very common ut doesn anyone have any history or info to add.

I know the EDM market had them as a option at some point.

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It’s actually MS Design, not My Design. So that might get you some more search results.
Not sure what the price is in US, over here in Europe not too much last time I saw one. But the are getting more rare.

Thanks for the help!

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I have a full NOS set in my collection. They where offered as an option here in Europe.

The lipkit was also used on the RS-Bros civic

Pricewise it’s kinda hard to tell because I’m in Europe but last full used kit I found for sale here was around 600 USD. They are rare but not everyone likes it.

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Found 2 for sale in germany, 1 for 99€ and 1 for 150€. And a full kit for around 800€.
Personally I like them :blush:

Thanks fot the help guys!