Post pics of your ride!

Back from 5Star San Antonio :metal:t3:


I moved to Baltimore Maryland back in may 6th


@ mugen_boy So that’s why it doesn’t look like where we normally see that car. :sweat_smile:

Would be really cool if you ever are able to take those Gran Turismo-esque forest shots! :+1:t3: :+1:t3:

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That’s my plan, so many beautiful locations, someday ill cook up something :+1:

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Jdm front conversion.


Recently installed my new JsRacing fenders and I gotta say I absolutely love them!


@ creepy_crawlies Beautiful setup bro. :+1: :+1:That look’s as if it fits like oem.

How much more space do they add?

Did you have to trim or modify anything for good fitment?

A couple pics of FL5


Looks so good Doggie! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::fire::fire::fire:

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That FL5 looks perfect :star_struck: :+1:

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Within 6months moving to midwest, got major hail damage to hood, roof, and trunk. Gave up on re paint, lip kit, and rims. Went H23 E85, 4piston head/Tuner 2’s (12:1 GE or Ramey block in future), Mfactory lsd/syncrotech trans instead.
Joined after seeing your recent coffee meet. Honda 4 life.

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@Corny310BB6 Hey welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear about the hail damage. :roll_eyes: Nice and clean BB6’s have been getting more difficult to find especially a rare Type SH like your’s.

Don’t give up! A simple lip kit, drop, and quality set of wheels makes a world of a difference on these cars! :muscle: :muscle: You’ve got a clean foundation car.

Your 12:1 E85 2.3L big block sounds like a real torque monster! :scream: :scream: :scream:

Thanks man, never selling it. (Like you said, SH is pretty rare). The block is next the upgrade but still pulls great for a daily driver. That pic is spot on.

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Kryz from Manila, PH


@Kryz Welcome to the forum! Very nice and clean build! Love how you built your car around a single cam engine, and the SSR MKIII’s really sets it apart from the normal builds. :grinning:

Thanks for sharing! There are lots of unique and quality cars being built in those parts of your world. :earth_asia:

It’s very cool to see older Hondas are still appreciated there, and somehow see reminders of the old SoCal NorCal jdm style still being incorporated by people these days. :+1:t3: :love_you_gesture:t3: :partying_face:

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Thanks for the love bro! :heart: Honda lifestyle here in PH is still alive and kicking! :metal:

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Will be out of commission for a bit soon. Just getting some new exterior OEM parts replaced and re-spray on certain sections due to blemishes. Have a little bit of goodies to add once everything is done and will run the Regamaster EVOII wheels again. :call_me_hand:


Huge shout out to my Doggie Rodney at EVO STUDIOS for doing my new FALKEN Tires banner and also doing my headlights as well! :heart_eyes::star_struck::pray:t3:
If you guys need to get custom banners, full car wraps, paint protection, window tint hit up my boy and you won’t be disappointed! :blush::partying_face::ok_hand::raised_hands:


Picked up a 96 Midori hatch a good while back … its slowly coming together. It will get painted at some point


@ELIFK8, woah very nice Midori EK dude! :metal:

Reminds me of this guy’s old EK. Even the sticker placement lol.

Don’t forget to update us with pix when she gets paint! Looks very good the way it is looking like a well thought out project similar to the old Honda-Tech days. Sooo good! :brown_heart: :brown_heart: :heartbeat:

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