Smitty_Works is moving..... Again Sale (Clusters, interior, etc. etc.)

Well its that time again where the Army wants to move me to some exotic place and as always, I like to go through my stuff and sale extra unnecessary stuff I don’t need. Some of this stuff is on my IG account smitty_works_rebuilt as well. So if you’re interested you can look there as well.

All items are located in Virginia and shipping is available. Share the love and DM me if you’re interested.

EK4 Cluster $Raffle$
JDM EK4 Guage Cluster
I am currently doing a raffle for this, @ $20 per spot. Currently I have 14 spots left. You can also enter the raffle as well and get as many spots as you want.

DA6 XSi Integra gauge cluster $400
For Sale, not On Sale: DA6 XSi Integra gauge cluster. Will fit 91-93 Integras. Has 49k on the clock. Since getting another DA is off my list this can go to one of you DA guys out there.

EDM EJ9 lock transponders $60 ea.
For Sale: EDM EJ9 lock transponders. These go over the rear mirrors. They look cool, but that’s about all they do for USDM Civics.

EK9/EK4 black interior door handles and covers $200
For Sale. EK9/EK4 black interior door handles and covers. Some sun fade, but if you’re good with interior restoring, these can be freshened up.

Used Grams FPR with new Grams FP gauge. $160
For Sale: Used Grams FPR with new Grams FP gauge. Had this on my 4 door for a while but switched back to my Aeromotive black and red set-up.


Good stuff! Im actually moving to Maryland in about 2 weeks, close to Virginia I believe :+1:

Oh wow!!! Cross country move. Crazy how you’re coming out here and I’m moving back out West.

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Im over California, I hope I still find the fun of meets over there compared to what I used to have over here