Spoon banner Real or Fake?


So I’ve got this Spoon Sports window banner that I can’t quite remember where I bought it from, I though I got it from Weksos when they were going out of business. Today I unrolled it for the first time and looked on the backside and this is what it says:

The “Respect” portion has me really questioning it authenticity, doesn’t seem like something Spoon or a manufacturer they use would put on the back of one of their products. If someone could chime in who has had one or knows what the backside looks like let me know. Here are more pics of the banner.


As far as your question related to the black side, I’m not much of a help… However, I know there were (possibly still are) fakes made a few years back. They would use three different vinyls; blue vinyl acting as the back ground, a black die cut text, which was placed over the blue and a white die cut vinyl which was placed on top of the black text. A legitimate Spoon banner is one, multi-colored vinyl.

Hopefully someone can chime in if they have a banner…

Respect is just the name of the manufacturer of the vinyl. It’s the equivalent of seeing 3M on the back of many OEM Honda decals. Because of the way the pattern repeats, every banner might not have the “Respect” logo on the back and Spoon may have changed vinyl suppliers at any point in time. We will probably need a few people with authentic banners to chime in before reaching a conclusion.

I have one that I have never mounted as well. It’s signed so, you know…don’t wanna use it lol. But the back is plain on mine.