What Tire Size Should I Run With My Wheel Setup

Gonna Be Running A 16x8 35 Offset Rega Master And Just Looking To See Anyone Have Any Pictures Of There Tire & Size Setup

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no pictures, but a 225 width is going to fit best.

Not sure how low you are so sidewall will depend on that

What Do You Think About A 215 Width

It will absolutely work, but the rear is gonna look “tiny” with that sizing.

225/45 = 24" tire
225/40 = 23.1" tire

215/45 = 23.6" tire
215/40 = 22.8" tire

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I Think Imma Just End Up Going With The 215/45 All Around Hopefully It Dont Look Bad

Run a 200tw tire like the new Azenis rt660 in 215 45 16 it will look great