Youtube Channels

Here it is boys! If you have a Youtube channel where you post your car content, here is where you can Plug yourself! The boys will be sure to give you a sub!

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Here is my 00’ teg that i got for cheap and started working on! Plan to make it a reliable track car! Youtube: Thtloudteg
Youtube channel link

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Following :grinning:
Don’t have a channel myself but here’s my buddy’s channel, mostly honda stuff, karting stuff and general tech tips:


His content looks sick man! Definetly subbing!

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Thanks for having my back Vincent!

So yeah, I’m Bjorn, I make youtube video’s since last year.
My most viewed one is my “how to lift a Honda Ridgeline”

I like doing it, hoping to find my niche and get better at editing and filming!
But If I look at my video’s from last year, and now, I can see an improvement :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, if you have spare time, check my channel out!