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Hey everyone! I’m looking for inspiration for my 2020 civic si (still wishing i had a golden era honda). Please post all your 10th gens!

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Hi Welcome to the forum! Clean white FC1 on Advans. :smiley:

You’re off to a good start with this chassis.

It’s a shame the forum never picked up where it was. It looked like a bright start with all the original members chipping in their hellos at first, but seems like a lot of em dipped out…

Hopefully we get some new folks in with some of the YT exposure NWP gets every once in a while…

Anyways, I’ve considered a 10th gen for only one reason:

Some rare SPOON FC1’s:

Im to young so I was never there, but I would always hear stories and had seen some old stuff. I had the last re run of license plate frames back in like 2016. Most properly done 10th gens are Type Rs. These are cleanest 10th gen (non type r) ive seen.


@Ricer I agree, the 10th gen Type-R’s and hatchbacks have so many body mods available that some owners get way out of control with their exterior “enhancements”.

Those are some clean FC1’s man. I think the challenge of making these cars unique may make it even more fun to own. lol I totally dig the white one you posted above on CE’s! :+1:t3:

Found these other semi clean ones.

I really appreciate seeing the new generation of enthusiasts try to relate to the old NWP4LIFE and its past members. :slight_smile:

I just wish previous members can somehow try to shine some better light on their past or current builds either on social media more or possibly on this forum again. Wish we can get some excitement as when people were still sharing their builds and information with each other in the community both online and offline.

If this forum goes bye bye again but forever, I think it’s only a matter of time that this entire community may just be memories in the dust. :confused:

That and if CHRONICLES fades due to unforeseen reasons. I pray that it doesnt. :pray:t3:

This Cali scene was really somethin’ and it’s still evident the whole world still reveres certain styles that originated out here. :rice: :rice:

Yeah I’m 26 and always been into cars but what got me into cars was seeing people in my high school with their egs, eks, on cut springs and xxr 531s lmfao. I think one of the biggest dilemmas is if I want to think if I want tint or not.

Honestly I think this forum has done its job and run its course, but still wish it a resurgence.

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That’s pretty cool how some millenials were able to catch up with the gens before them with these cars.

To help you make a decision about tint, I always thought it was interesting that in stock photos the white EK9 Type R had really dark rear side and rear window tint.

I notice some people in Japan still prefer this tint style on their EK9’s.

Maybe this can give you an idea of wether or not you want tint on your white 10th gen! :grinning:

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