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Well, Figured I’d do my share of helping rebuild this type of Platform.
Welcome to @Pursue_10tenth 's Build Thread
(I’ll do my best to add to this as we go!)

Current Builds Include:

  1. 1999 Honda Civic SI MR: 1-Owner(Before Myself) 43,xxx Miles, Recently purchased w/ZERO modifications from the family of the elderly previous owner whom passed away.
  2. 1998 Honda Civic DX Hatchback VSM: Currently- IN PIECES- Previously ITR Full Swap, EM1 Interior/Suspension converted.
  3. 2000 Honda Civic DX Hatchback Taffeta White: Original 5-spd+A/C Optioned. Purchased w/ZERO modifications. Currently- IN PIECES-

Previously Owned:
2x S2000’s
5x Civic’s
Lots of other stuff too!

For now I’ll post some random photos of what’s Past and Present:

1999 Civic DX Hatchback - CTR’esque- RECENTLY SOLD***

2004 S2000 1-Owner/76k miles/Stock- RECENTLY SOLD***
…LOADING Short Story

1998 Civic CX Hatchback - ITR Swapped- EM1 Interior/Suspension Converted- Semi recent purchase
Don’t get too excited. This is her current status :sweat_smile:

2000 Civic DX Hatchback- ALL Original Taffeta/5-spd,A/C equipped Car- Semi recent purchase
Again… Don’t get too excited… because…


Now we can’t forget the most recent UNICORN-ish

1999 Civic SI(EM1) STOCK STOCK STOCK- 1-Owner(before myself), 43,xxx mile- Recently delivered as you can see! Only the BEST for this one!

And just something to change it up for you all, I recently sold this too. Hope you all aren’t just HONDA HEADS! I’m an all around ENTHUSIAST!

Decided to let this 1 owner C6 Corvette Z06 go in order to dabble in my nostalgia brand… Honda’s.
This was a 1-Owner, untouched car when I purchased it w/430(yes 3-digit)miles on it. I’ve always loved my NA Honda’s, so I opted out of a ZR1(supercharged) trim car and chose to find a Z06 as it’s a 7 Liter Naturally Aspirated LS7 motor. :scream:ISN’T THAT WILD!?!?!?


For Future Posts*****************************

For Future Posts*******************

That silver one is my favorite. I would’ve kept the 98 front tho. Can’t wait to see what happens next


Thanks buddy! I actually purchased the car w/the 99-00 conversion already done. Rear tails and dash all swapped over too! I may eventually switch back as I currently own 2 spare 96-98 and 2 spare 99/00 front ends. Just depends if I decide to keep it long term or not after I put it back together and do a couple track days w/it.

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For the love of Hondas. :grin: :+1: @Pursue_10tenth

That C6 thooo! :sweat_smile:


HAHA Absolutely Brother! I knew I truly loved them when I purchased the C6 and still continued to look back at the daily driven POS EK daily driver I have. Hahah Its just the styling and reliability that you just can’t help but appreciate.

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