Centerlock wheels

Hey guys,

I’m after some info here. I managed to get my hands on a set of 16 inch Wedssport centerlocks and I’m looking for adaptors to put them on my civic.

I can not convert the car to full centerlock because of the annual inspection here, can’t have centerlock system on the car legally. And I have tons of other normal wheels to put on the car too.

Does anyone know of a company that sells such a system for a civic ? I found them for Porsches and other supercars but those are all for wheels that those companies sell. Nothing for an existing wheel from the '90s

And I’m trying to find info on the centerlock system that Mugen and other race teams used for their circuit cars in the JTCC.


Hope this helps!! Good luck!

Unfortunately it doesn’t, found that link pretty fast myself but they only make them for their own wheels and not for any other brands.

The more I search, I think I need to get them custom made. Found a few people/companies on IG but since I don’t have the wheels here with me yet, they are still in Japan for the moment, I can not take measurements or anything just yet. And downside is that all those are not local or even anywhere close to Belgium. Think they where all in the US and that makes it even more complex because if something isn’t right or needs adjusting it can take months with shipping.

I think your best bet IMO is contacting them anyways since they’re prolly your only shot at having this conversion done. I bet if you talked to them and sent pics and/or sent a wheel to them they’d be very able to custom make something for you… That’s what I would do!

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By the way… Killer freakin wheels! I drooled over these on a white Honda sponsored JTCC EG9 race car… Rare as all get out

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Yeah the basic design is mostly the same so they will have a starting point but still gonna wait untill I get the wheels here with me. It’s not like I’m in a hurry to get this done, rather it takes longer but is right from the start. + have tons of other wheels to drive around on :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And thx, big centerlock fan. Have 9 different models already in my collection but all singles so when these popped up for sale I had to get them. And found another set that I got my hands on too.

Also 16 inch Wedssports but the kurage this time in the Weds fluorecent yellow, or what’s left of it.

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Oooh, those remind me of BBR Comp wheels. I dig the fluorescent yellow :+1:

But yeah man, definitely go out of your way to see if that Image Wheels company can help you out, I’m sure they’d appreciate the business!

Two out of the four boxes arrived today, other ones still at FedEx but will be delivered on monday.

Now the hard part/fun can begin.

Stepdad of a buddy of mine can make me the adaptors I need, he did similar things as his job but is now retired and still does play around with metal and woodworking. Just need to check if I still have a spare front spindel of my civic so I can give him a wheel and the spindel to start working on the adaptors.

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