Smitty_Works M Series Civic Build

Check out my weird 6th Gen Civic.
1998 Honda Civic Aerodeck
MB9 1.5 VTEC, D15Z8 SOHC
Orleans Pearl Blue
294,684 km on the vehicle and still drives smooth.

Picked it up on my last trip to Germany and now it’s parked at the in-laws waiting for the 25 year rule to ship it to the States.

The seller was cool and we are still in contact talking about Honda stuff. After a smooth transaction it was time to fill the car up and head all the way back to the house.
102 Octane for the win, and besides, why not?

All filled up and ready to do the 567 km ride back.

Took us forever to get back because of heavy stau’s (traffic jams) on the autobahns and back road detours. But we made it.

I got some nice plans for this car when it gets stateside. I hope the importing process isn’t a pain in the butt though.


Sweat, gonna stand out in the US :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:

Had a sedan version of the MB3 as my first car.

Is the 25 year rule in the states based on the registration date of the car or the build date ?

I’m going to have to look into it again. I think its the build date, but I could be wrong.

I was trying to find the build stamp aka the birthday stamp on the Deck before I left, but I couldn’t find it. I know it was built in Swindon, but not sure if it was a built fiscal year 98, or the actual year 98.

So even before I got the car I was primarily hunting down parts for it. Those familiar with the chassis know that MB/MC parts are harder to find than most EK chassis parts. But with a little luck and help from my German connections, I was able to start sourcing parts.

Some of the more rare stuff came from the VTi-S version of the Aerodeck.

Basically it’s stacking time

VTi-S front and rear lips

Aerodeck Big Fog lights

Aerodeck regular fogs. These are the EDM version made by Carello.

Picked up some VT-i clusters. One is a UKDM (mph) and the other is the EDM (km/h).

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