DuragsAndHondas Champ White Ek Build

Got this 97 shell for for $200 out in Sacramento.!

Wasn’t complete and had a lot of missing parts I needed to source.

Also needed a lot of body work.

However it did come with these much needed EG parts i had planned to purchase since i was going K Swap. So i basically got the car for free lol!

Was able to source 99-00 em1 hood and fenders.

Roof had waves in it so they needed to heat it and run a thin layer of bondo on it. The rest of the body they shaved down to bare metal fixed the imperfections and then hit it with primer.

To the booth it went

Painted Champ white still need to paint a few more things.

Currently how it sits. Just went by to look at it and he did the wheel wells for me. I need to have hood redone because there was a minor mess up on it fenders as well.



While the car is at the body shop I had Evan over at SHG bring my EG steering rack back from the dead.

Once i get it back i plan to remove the tint on it and install the freshly powder coated subframe and arms. Along with the rest of my suspension.


:clap:t4: Looks like a big comeback. :+1:t4:

And Hopefully soon. I decided to spray the interior so that added another week at the body shop.

Wow I’m already impressed. Keep it coming :clap:

Love where this is going.