Micha's K20A EK

I loved the build threads back in the days here. Times changed but i still love to read a good old build thread.
This is a little summary of my build i did lately.

I will update with news from now on.

Here some of the “latest” pics:


Can’t wait to see what you do next. Always loved this build, just a bit sad the Mugen rear lip isn’t on the car anymore.


But it’s still in my garage :smiley:
I don’t want to sell it. I think i’ll use it when i feel like it. Or on some special occasion :smiley:


beautiful car, awesome video, sick keychain…

the oem sir front bumper looked so clean!


I’ll keep my eye’s open to see what you got going on Micha.


Great to see you back Micha, I enjoyed reading your thread years go.

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Thanks dude. Nice to read :smiley:

I hope to deliver soon :smiley:
Cold AF right now here ^^

Yeah, i kinda need another EK and rock both looks :smiley:

I like the setup of your EK…continue the great progress!

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Thanks man. I just was driving yesterday. Testing a lil bit here and there.
And it’s so fun to drive. I accidently found out i got a launch control setup on my ecu :smile:
Never needed it but it’s fun. I’ll make a video and post a soundcheck :smiley:


Just made the soundcheck video.

Here it is:

Made the exhaust with my brother with some 3" vibrant pipes and bends and 2 Simons mufflers.
It’s still the first one since i made the swap and i’m super happy with it.
But maybe i swap to a nicer header in future.


Perfect edits. They can only get better with time. Always have digged this car, it brings you back about 10 years ago. :+1: @Micha


Thx man.
I’m also starting to look into photo cameras again. like a dedicated only photo camera.
So i can also document with pictures too and post here.
I want to get an older cam. Like from the time i got into photography.
I care more about the feeling taking pics than a modern quality cam ^^

But for now, i made a video again :smiley:
And i keep doing videos too.

The civic is on a diet. Just a little step for now. But more is coming.
A bigger project will be the frontsplitter. i want to shape it like it is, but without the weight…

And a new roof woud be nice. Without the sunroof.


Great video, interested to see how else you can lighten her more. Thanks for these vids. I know it can be sometimes hard to edit and upload. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thx man. Yeah, it’s a process :sweat_smile:

I’ve been working on the car here and there when i had some free time.

The homie Smitty got me a new radio bezel that i wanted since i got this car.
We never had these over here and i always prefered the 99- look.
Thanks alot Smitty :handshake:

Since i no longer have a heater the install is only for looks.
But the double din will be useful in the future.

I want to make it right and take out the dash. Maybe i can take out some useless weight too.

I also started to play with some carbon stuff and moldmaking too.
But i only made a video of the first step yet.

More soon :slight_smile:
Peace :v:


I removed all the air ducts inside the dash.

Someday i might put the blower inside again and just route the air to the windshield.
All the air channels for the windshield are integrated in the chassis. So i just need to connect the blower to this channeling then.

I also cleaned up some half assed wiring, like the blue fan switch wire you see here…

Since the dash was out and i had access i made some use of the hole saw :smile:

I forgot the scales at home. :expressionless:

But i didn’t finish it all like i wanted. I bent the center drill and wanted to finish it. So i used a step drill on 2 bigger holes. And of course it hits the other side before the hole is big enough :expressionless:

It’s all still way too heavy. But ok for now ^^

Engine harness is next…

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Thanks for the updates. Theres alot of videos about various processes including cf and mold making, but its much better and more motivating when you have someone with the same cars and same community. The video was really detailed and you did a great job with the step through and techniques. Thanks! :smiley:

More weight reduction is cool also!

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Thanks man.

It also got warmer here and i’m ready to do the next steps in my garage.
It’s not heated and the epoxy doesn’t like the colder temperatures :sweat_smile:


Looks good brother, I’m just here for some motivation and you got plenty of it.