Micha's K20A EK

I loved the build threads back in the days here. Times changed but i still love to read a good old build thread.
This is a little summary of my build i did lately.

I will update with news from now on.

Here some of the “latest” pics:


Can’t wait to see what you do next. Always loved this build, just a bit sad the Mugen rear lip isn’t on the car anymore.

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But it’s still in my garage :smiley:
I don’t want to sell it. I think i’ll use it when i feel like it. Or on some special occasion :smiley:

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beautiful car, awesome video, sick keychain…

the oem sir front bumper looked so clean!

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I’ll keep my eye’s open to see what you got going on Micha.

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Great to see you back Micha, I enjoyed reading your thread years go.

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Thanks dude. Nice to read :smiley:

I hope to deliver soon :smiley:
Cold AF right now here ^^

Yeah, i kinda need another EK and rock both looks :smiley: