Fabio´s EK Coupe Build from Germany *Lots of Pics*

So i guess we are back in the “Build Section”

So all this startet back in 2016. I had a break from building Hondas but it didnt last that long lol.
So i was searching for a clean black EK Coupe and i luckily found one.It also had a rare Interior ive never seen before in a coupe but i didnt liked it at all.

So i started to change up some stuff at the exterior and interior aswell.

Then i picked up a EK9 Front setup and got all my plastic stuff painted. Found some decent Recaro SR2 Confetti´s aswell. Changed the rearbumper to a facelift one also. That was the Setup at the end pretty much before stuff got wild.

After summer i planned on swapping the Car. There was a lot going on. i changed the Engine Twice and ended up getting a B18C-R out of an 2000 Spec JDM DC2 and a 5Lug conversion too. The Wheels are CE28´s 16x7 +42. I had to move from my garage aswell and found a small garage for rent. From now i let the pics flow.

After driving a bit and getting it legal on the streets, i wanted to sort some stuff out and change things up a bit.

I went for a Facelift conversion and got a set of J´s Racing Fenders aswell. But i really didnt want to do the Fitment on those ones and sold them again.

So i went with OEM Fenders for now. But ive planned to go for some wider ones when i get a set of wider wheels aswell. PICTURES!

So thats it where the Build is at the Moment.

Im going to start do the Fueling and getting some minor stuff done. After that im looking into getting the Front painted so that it look like a car again lol.

I might switched up some Pictures but i have a Load of pics where i had to sort em out. I try to keep this updated as good as possible.


Awesome evolving build thread! My first civic I that got me into loving hondas was my 98 coupe I still have it but I need to give it alot of love compared to yours. Kudos man!

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Freakin miss seeing these detailed builds. Keep it coming looks great.


Awesome work man keep it up! Also, what part of Germany are you from ?

Thanks guys. @dopeitsjuan im from the Heidelberg area. You might know kaiserslautern/rammstein. Thats also not far from me.

Very nice! I love the rad support brackets, very clean :heart_eyes:

Awesome to see you on NWP man. The build looks solid and I’m looking forward to seeing more it.
Next time I’m in Germany we’ll have to meet up in Heidelberg. I always go there to because my Frau went to the university there and that’s where her dad is from.

I also hang out with the Stieber Twins at their shop too when I’m there. One of my favorite cities to go to. :heart_eyes: :+1:

Hell ye. Im down for that. We should get Micha and Paul involved into this.
You coming regularly to germany?

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That would be really cool. But with COVID, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back over there.

Sheesh this is clean. I noticed you had a US spec dash. Was that factory in Germany? I know in Italy, the EKs had the European dash with the vent in the center top.

All the coupes in germany have the US dash as far as i know. They also have written “Honda Civic 1.6 USA” in the papers. Im glad they dont have the vents lol

Dope build. Looking forward to more updates :pray:

that’s dope Fab! Look forward to seeing more of this build!

So much love for this build
Keep on mate :v:

Strong build. Quality products.

Also for the koyorad, they actually make a full size for the EK and you don’t have to make your own brackets or anything.

Nice stuff!!! Interesting original interior

Very nice build and top notch parts selection. @Fabioo

Looked really good in this form also,

This is a great restore. :+1: