1993 CIVIC DX Show and Go Build Thread

What’s up guys? Some of y’all might remember my 8th gen build the last time NWP was up. Before that I was pretty much just a lurker.

8th gen’s are cool but I really missed having a 90’s Honda so I sold the MF10’s, saved up some cash and started looking for a EG or EK hatchback.

Took me a couple of months but with the help of a friend (shout out to Nate) I found a hatchback about 2hrs away.

Met up with Joe, who owned the car and Nate at the dealer the car was sold at back in 93. Car was a solid starting point. Paint and most of the exterior seals was replaced so I could just get to the fun part. Car came with a B16 swap and some nice parts as well.


First thing I ordered was some SiR corners which is my favorite mod for EG’s. Also ordered a spoon lip and wing.


Sprintharts were cool but hated the way they get drowned out in pics so I picked up some TE’s from skylinecx. They’re 15x8 +35 wrapped in 205/50 Toyo R888R’s.


White EG’s are classic. Love it so far

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Picked up an arm rest and rear decal from AFH. Also picked up some Mugen pedals and ITR seats. I took the Mugen steering wheel and formula knob off my 4dr and put it on the hatchback.

Seats needed to be cleaned bad. Car came with ITR rear seats but had a gap so I picked up a 4dr set just for the bottom seat, which fills in the gap.




Picked up an SiR cluster, coin pocket and fastline shifter shortly after. Cluster was really dim so I picked up some LED bulbs off ebay.


I’ve been wanting to go K for a while so I worked out a deal with a buddy and was able to pick up this mild build k24/20 from him. 12.5:1 compression motor with Prayoonto stage 4 cams. Motor should make close to 300.


More K swap parts…


Great car and great person to have SOLD it too…THANKS Joel…SUBSCRIBED

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Thanks again homie. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have this car.

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Ah man…when we got to meet you in person, it was agreed that you would continue where we left off, so it was definitely worth the process…

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I’m glad you decided to go with HR…your BEST choice period

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That’s great to hear. Hybrid FTW!

I want to go boost eventually but this will do for now…

Goal is 300 on motor and 450ish on spray.


Sourced some BNIB EDM headlights, hood bra and window visors.

I also picked up some EDM tail lights with fog but don’t have any pics at the moment.


Got the car detailed and ceramic coated in preparation for wekfest.


On the way to wekfest…

Shout out to Team5star for letting us show with them.


Got my friend to shoot my car. This is pretty much how the car sits right now. Will be pulling the motor next month for the k24. More to come.


Reminds me of my old civic if I’d ever bothered paint match my fenders. Even down the rear fog light. Love the car man.

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Pretty close lol. Thanks man.

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