For sale; MS Design lipkit EG hatch

Been hording a bit to much stuff over the years and time to let some things go.

My brand new MS Design lipkit, never mounted on a car. And will probably never used it anyways. Optional when you bought the car new here in Europe.

Have the original primer with it but I suggest you go with new one, this is +20 years old. The front fender pieces are red, bought the whole set like this. Also have the midwing but that piece is used, just the wing the hatch piece is long gone.

Kit was also used on the RS Bros car.

Asking 750 USD + shipping from Belgium. Had to check shipping for someone to the States and that came to 750 USD but that was a month ago and shipping prices are good for a week they told me so if your interested send me your adress and I’ll check again with the shipping company.

MS-design 3



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Very nice. I have this same kit on my EG coupe.

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