Lightestcambo ‘99 EK hatch build

Hey guy’s,

So I thought I’d share my build. I am a 20 year old kid from Seattle, WA and picked up this 1999 Civic DX Hatchback in June of 2021. I picked it up from my uncle who bought the car for a K Series and I got it as a shell.

I’ve been watching NWP build threads since I was in middle school (2012) to present day. Now that I’ve got a blank canvas, I figured why not make a build thread on it!

A little history of the cars I’ve owned within the past year:

  1. 2000 EBP EM1
    Fully built B20v

  1. 1992 EG Si
    I ended up trading the EM1 for this EH3
    Stock GSR from a DB8

  1. 1995 Civic EX (EJ1)
    Ended up trading the EH3 Si for a coupe aka my bad luck car
    Semi built B20v

As you can see why the EJ1 is my bad luck car, they always end up into an accident. Thankfully I’m okay and doing fine; it’s only a minor setback for a major comeback.

Now onto the EK Hatch, I’ve owned this car since June about same time while I still owned the EM1. This build was put onto the back burner because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. Since I was recently T boned on October 22nd, the hatch came to mind and it was time to build it. The hatch was sitting at my other uncles house for months now and I decided it was time to tow it to my house.

The hatch didn’t have a front bumper because I robbed it from when I broke the EBP bumper on the EM1 lol

Finally got the hatch home! Began tearing it apart and working on it with the homies

Removed the brake booster, clutch master cylinder, anything unnecessary in the engine bay and began the headlight harness tuck.

The next day after the homie and I had removed everything, I began to start sanding the engine bay and gave the interior a nice clean since the interior was scattered everywhere. Previous owner decided to paint it hot pink :’(

That’s all I’ve done to the car so far, still waiting on insurance to total out the EJ1 and inspect it before I pull the motor and 5lug conversion off.

Here’s a few parts I’ve acquired within the last couple days of the accident.

EM1 Si front lip from my uncle who sold me the shell

EM1 Si gauge cluster

Black 99-00 Front bumper from my cousin for free

Will try my best to update this thread as I build the car :smile:


Sweet! That blue eg was dope. Can’t wait to see what you do with this

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