Riaction USA Los Angeles Based Coilover Company *Pics Inside*

Greetings all!

We are super excited to be an official site sponsor! RiactionUSA is a coilover company based out of Los Angeles, CA. Can’t wait to contribute and to be part of this growing community. We are happy to try and answer any suspension related questions you may have. As fellow enthusiasts, we are looking forward to connecting with you all, and hopefully be able to meet and greet once this COVID situation is under control.

Until then, stay safe and happy motoring!

Website - Riactionusa.com
IG @Riactionusa


Hey guys and gals!

These are some of the Honda’s we have had stop by for our Riaction USA kit.

Dope! Seems like a legit setup

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Thank you!

This is a shot of the piston that goes into all our coilovers :sunglasses:

Damn that is beautiful! Can’t wait to see what comes of this brand! :call_me_hand:t4:

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A few more pics of cars we currently have our kits on! :muscle:

What are the springs rates for the ek setup?

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The current rates for the EK are Front 10K Rear 6K. We can swap them out at no extra charge. The choices are 8k,10k,10k, and 14k.

Link to kit https://www.riactionusa.com/product/honda-civic-ek-96-00/

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