WTB: Ek9 Rear Lip (oem)

Looking for an Oem Ek9 rear lip.

OEM ones have become very scarce lately. I just paid an ungodly amount for mine. More will pop up (hopefully on here) you just have to look for them when they do. Good luck on your search.

I figured ill be playing the waiting game trying to find a real rear lip. I don’t mind it though.

Hit up jdm Ohio direct. Call them, their website isn’t current.

Just called them they dont have any. But HMO just got a container in so im going to head there today and hopefully i dont go buy shit i dont really need. That place is my version of target.

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Shit if we had a local legit shop here, it Would be dangerous

Lol! Its 5 minutes from work i hate it.