For Sale Spoon, Mugen, Feel's, J's Racing, ARC, Carbing, Next, Craftsquare, Takata, OEM Honda etc


Im putting up the rest of my Honda parts i have for sale. I bought these either brand new from a shop or thru this forum. I am pricing some things high, as i can’t find them for sale elsewhere, if you know of one for sale elsewhere please let me know and i will adjust my prices. I am located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and can ship internationally at the buyers expense. I am Paypal ready, the buyers pays the Paypal fee. If you are interested in something please just shoot me a message with an offer, Im open to hear thru serious inquiries.


ARC Type B Rad Cap (BNIB)(150USD)

Spoon Gen 1 Rad Cap (25USD)

Mugen Gen 1.5 Oil Cap (220USD)

Suspension and Brakes:

Spoon Rigid Collar Kit EG/EK/DC BNIB (210USD)

J’s Racing EK Rear Tie Bar BNIB (300USD)

BeakS Rear Tie Bar EK Candy Red BNIB (130USD)

Carbing EG/DC Front Lower Tie Bar BNIB (140USD)

J’s Racing EK Inner Fender Braces (500USD)

OEM 94-01 ITR JDM 25mm Front Sway Bar with Bushings (300USD)

Next Miracle X Bar Type 1 EK9 (520USD)
Next Miracle X Bar Type 1 EK9 Full Optional Bar Set (600USD)

Feel’s Twincam EK Master Cylinder Brace (Polished) (600USD)


Craftsquare TCA-F Blue Lense OEM Base EK (1000USD)

OEM JDM EK9 CTR Front and Rear Red Honda Emblem (Tabs Cut) (135USD)

OEM JDM EK Clear Side Markers with Wiring BNIB (40USD)

OEM Honda EK9 CTR Rear and Sides CTR Decals BNIB (110USD)

Spoon Sports Window Banner BNIB (55USD)

OEM UKDM EK 96-98 Taillights with Fog Light with Switch (150USD)

OEM EDM 96-98 Stanley Headlight Covers (400USD)

OEM 96-98 JDM EK9 Front Lip in Flamenco Black BNIB (800USD)

OEM 96-00 JDM EK9 Rear Lip in Champ White (Some tabs are slightly detached) (300USD)

OEM 96-00 EK Windshield Cowl with Clips and Rubber Seal (200USD)

OEM 96-00 JDM EK9 CTR Rear Wing in Champ White (450USD)

OEM 96-98 JDM EK9 Front Grill in Champ White (350USD)

PasswordJDM JDM 96-98 EK Fenders with Sidemarker Cut-Out (300USD)


OEM JDM EK9 CTR 96-98 BNIB Climate Control (350USD)

OEM JDM EK 96-98 BNIB Cup Holder and Tray (250USD)

Takata BNIB 4 Point Harness (560USD)

Mugen BNIB 5 Speed Sports Pedals (170USD)

OEM EK Power Windows Interior Garnish BNIB (25USD Each)


Pm’d you. Lots of good stuff

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Some really nice parts!

Nice list of parts… too bad I need more parts like an Eskimo needs ice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Golden stuff in here. Glws!

Nice parts and great pictures.

in love!!! hahahaha good stuff!!!

your parts. i like them shits.


I am wanting to send you a pm regarding some of the parts for sale but it wont let me. are the fender braces still available?

@mikenac he has sold everything, I purchased a few items and saw he sold it all over Instagram.

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Thanks for the heads up!

hard parts and good prices!