2000 Civic SI

Inherited a 2000 Civic SI, was my great Uncle’s car. He bought it new and drove it from about age 60 to 80. All stock, only serviced at Lynnwood Honda near Seattle. Was considering auctioning on bring a trailer site, but got some advice from some Spokane Honda enthusiasts to check here first.


How many miles?
BaT seems to be the site for this condition.

161 K, engine replaced with rebuild by Lynnwood Honda at 141K

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BaT seems to have a large following/viewership, which would be a good site to sell it on.

Just get the car in the best possible condition. That means, get it detailed, do a tune up and get good images for the listing… Also, get ready to answer a million questions. Buyers and viewers who know about these cars will catch every detail. Why was the motor replaced? Was it involved in a traffic collision because the side dohc decals appear to be aftermarket knock-offs and the rear civic badge in the wrong spot. Did you replace the windshield or why the blue masking tape, etc…

Other than that, congrats on the Si. Looks like it would be an awesome driver’s/daily.

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Yes, replaced the windshield, I got the wrong replacement side stickers and am not happy with them. Was body damage on one of the rear quarters at some point, good repair, detailer caught it due to slight difference in paint, but liked the repair, all done when Uncle had it so not 100% sure. I believe the original motor seized, but don’t have complete info.


Nice! I feel like this little 2000 Si could be sold for a solid 6-7k to the right buyer if it still holds a clean title. Never the less Good luck with sale man. BTW anymore pics?

Nice car! I doubt it would make bring a trailer or bring top dollar with the body work on a 1/4 plus the non matching VIN motor. Looks like a nice example I’d just daily it

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Do you have a price in mind?

BAT will post it, conversing with them now.

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Offered 10K locally, will probably see what happens on BAT

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Remember you’ll have to pay a fee as well. But 10k is a good price. Glws.

Hi have you sold your 2000 civic si yet?