SlidezMn civic thread(build)

Recently picked up a k20a civic coupe. With tons of parts.

With how I bought it the current parts. It’ll serve good as a summer daily and also hdpe car with possible autocross or time attack events.

List: 1997 Honda Civic

K20A DC5R LSD Swap
Ported RBC
74mm Throttle body
the car was painted inside and out
aluminum radiator fluidyne
hybrid racing engine mounts
HYBRID RACING Adjustable Short Shifter
K Tuned Radiator Hoses
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Racing Ground
K Swap Harness
Hondata PRC ECU
Unknown Header
Exhaust 3in custom
Muffler vibrant stealth
Complete Stainless Front and rear Brake Line
4-wheel disc brake
adjustable suspension buddy club front
SpeedFactory Heavy Duty Detent Spring Kit
SpeedFactory Racing Heavy Duty Shift Selector
Carbon Synchros 1-6
Si cluster with 49k miles
Aem wideband
Oil press sensor
Bys style lip
Cut rear bumper
Rear bumper diffuser
Spoon style mirrors
Eg subframe
Unknown ekk2 mount brackets

I took off the traction bar, added a tinted brow because no headliner, rewired headlights since one side had high beam on and other was lowbeam, led switch back turn signal for street cred, led relay to prevent hyper flash.

Future goals: chassis mount front splitter, vibrant ultra quiet resonator, rear wing (undecided) update the suspension, retrofit the headlights to projectors, sparco sprint seat, plm seat slider, progress rear sway bar, take out interior, remove mudflaps, possible CTR style grill, wider 15inch wheels or 16s.


that’s a nice coupe, with a HEALTHY parts list

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Just an update I didn’t do much but got rid of the garbage LED headlights and went for the higher end halogen bulbs till I retrofit.
Put on my kosei K1s and painted them black.
Bought a vibrant ultra quiet resonator
Finished up wiring the rear speakers and put kenwood 2 way speakers up front.
Added in a wink mirror since the small one won’t do much when I put in my sparco sprint seat.
Removed the tint on the doors and tinted a windshield brow since there isn’t any sun visors
Changed out the rear lowering springs to some temporary ebay springs.
Turn in for the car is better and is more predictable
Now the spring rates are where I want it just 12k front and 8k rear.
Swapped out the lower collars on the eBay coils to run the 8kg instead of the 6kg since on my other civic the rear didn’t want to turn in at the track.


I have more pics of this car when it was first built.


Car looks great so far, keep it coming :+1:

Got a late Christmas gift from a friend. A mono amp and a 4 channel amp and a old school 10inch amp with a custom box. Aside from that the important thing is this carbon fiber license plate holder.
It’s been recleared but that’s okay! Gotta source a carbon hood next to eliminate some weight from the front heavy car.


I wanna say thank you @tech15 for sending me these. Pics from when the car got repainted. Definitely will find parts to make it look like it did when it was repainted. Although might do a 99-00 front to match my 99-00 si rep.

Great to find the paint code for the car and it’s also a step forward for new parts that need to be paint matched.