A SOHC build

Couple new things from Honda.

Rear main oil seal, intake air temperature sensor, coolant temperature sensor & VTEC oil pressure switch. I also got extra matching o-rings for these parts, too.


Mounted on the IAT, VTEC pressure switch & Spoon fan switch. Also, cleaned up my water pump. I mocked a lot of pieces up today.


This is the rear main seal housing before I got it cleaned up. You can see the build-up of stuff where the seal actually seats.

Here it is all cleaned up. I used a green sponge pad thing with some water to get the nasty stuff out. Came out pretty clean.

& Finally, all put together.


Got the block back! Thanks again Albert & Rigo over at SB Machine Shop/Metacore.

Also, got the daily up on all fours. Maintenance on engine oil, manual transmission fluid flush, tire rotation & air intake filter cleaning.

Forgot to add. A -10AN weld bung was placed onto my oil pan as well :muscle:t4:


Picked up a S40-B000 transmission. Got the case open with my older son finally, too. Also, got another Sparco baby seat for my wife’s Pilot. Sparco F1000Ki to match the Sparco F500i in my car.


What’s the plans for the transmission? Keep up the great work.