Any chance to get a EM2 Related posts?

I´m just wondering if there is any chance to get some love to the underdog civic that some of us love, i have been a quite faithful diehard EF civic community but the honda who made fall in love of Hondas was the EM2 so i was wondering if anybody wants to share their experiences (positive or negative) about the chassis, the em2 is by far my most wanted build of all time and i would love advice to get my facts straight and start doing some homework after getting one, Cheers :smiley:

Here are some shots of my brothers’ EM2 I snapped a couple years ago (he’s not on here; yet)


Ummm. I remember Preston’s em2 back in the day on the em2 forums.

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back in the good old days! he’s still developing it every winter, adding something to make it better :slight_smile:

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Here’s my em2 back in the day. 2007


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