TheGreenCivic("Build Thread")

Going back some years on this one. I’d like to do a little narrative on my green civic.
It started off as my college car just out of high school. Working part time and studying full time this 1997 civic ex was bone stock when I acquired it at the start of 2011. Over the next few years the car and I grew together. It was a slow process as funds were tight with my limited work schedule and I enjoyed road trips so a lot of those funds went into the gas tank.
The first mods were some tein lowering spring which then were switched out for a set for f&f type 1’s.
I went through just about every set of oem usdm 4x100 wheels before i bought my first set of aftermarket wheels. My 16in 1 piece work rs betas.
Then came the oem ek9 lip
Uk Valeo headlights
Spoon gen1 mirrors as well as jdm folding mirrors
Thin moldings and a 98 us optional rear lip.

At the time, the car seemed pretty bitchin to me.

After acquiring the optional rear lip i was pretty hooked on the hondapipe and had to find the matching front, added an oem ek9 grill, a jdm sir-g b18c and sourced some blue recaros and tied it together with ek3 door cards and some fg2 rear seats. Through this period of time I had also swapped all of the mint light grey interior for mint dark grey interior with a 99-00 climate control and even went as far as getting the car blue tagged since the dash vin was no longer for the car.

A lot of time and effort went into the car. A lot of which no one would ever notice if it weren’t pointed out. I always enjoyed the small details of my car. Sedan door handles, antenna delete, radio block off, optional consoles blue stitched leather shift boot, oem black carpet. I could go on and on with the smallest things.

Not enough pictures were taken of the car and the ones that were may be lost to time.

In 2015 I had come to a decision that the car would be parked and partially parted out until I would return to it in a few years.

It then turned into a joke that I would get back to in 2020…

I stripped the car down to a bare chassis, even more so than in this pic. All of the wiring, brake lines, glass, sound deadening, and suspension.
As I was going to send it off to paint, my painter asked if I could make it a rolling shell so it would be easier to move around the shop.

The car has since been at his shop awaiting it’s full makeover/restoration. A lot of the parts going on the car are NOS, all the seals and rubber, and it will be getting all new fasteners throughout the chassis.

If yoy have read this far, I appreciate your interest and will try to keep this updated as I go :pray:


Definitely following!!! :+1:

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Thanks :pray: i am really bad at documenting my cars. But hopefully I do a better job with this rebuild :slightly_smiling_face:

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Such a dope build!
Subscribed :popcorn:

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Looking forward to updates!

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Awesome so far! Loving the dedication to it I got a coupe (ej1) that needs this kinda love after I finish my ek