Birgey182's 2000 EJ6 Hatchback K24 Turbo AWD street/strip/show build

I’ve been compiling a ton of pics so I might as well get a build thread going!

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First, a little background on me. I’m 38 years old and got my first Honda (1997 EX coupe) back in 1998 and that’s where it all began. Flash forward to 2020 and here is the list of Honda’s that I’ve owned over the years:

1997 Civic EX coupe
1998 Integra GSR coupe
1999 Accord EX coupe
1994 Civic Si hb
1992 Civic VX hb
1999 Civic DX hb
2000 Civic Si coupe
2002 s2000
1994 Integra GSR coupe
1992 Civic CX hb
1995 Integra GSR coupe
2004 Element EX manual
1994 Civic EX coupe
2003 S2000
2000 Civic HX coupe
2001 Integra GS sedan
2016 ILX A-spec sedan
2008 Civic LX sedan
2000 Civic DX hatch

Needless to say…I’m a Honda guy lol.

My last Honda build was my last s2000 in 2011 or so and that was just a basic bolt-ons, wheels, and suspension. This time around, I wanted to do a full-on build and I promised myself that I would never build another Honda unless it was AWD. I do work in sales at T1 Race Development/ Injector Dynamics so I have some of the best resources around me to take advantage of and to help me take on something big like this.

So here is what I want out of this car:

  • Stock block K24 turbo (500-600whp on E85)

  • A/C and heat

  • mostly full interior (rear cargo area will have the fuel cell in it)

  • AWD

  • BBK all around

  • street wheels/tires (no slicks for the track or anything)

    I plan on getting it built, dialed-in at the dragstrip to where I feel it’s hit close to it’s full potential in full street trim, and then it will just be a cruiser/occasional highway racer, and I’ll take it to meets or whatever. So anyways, on to the good stuff!

    I bought the car July 3rd, 2020 in Tulsa, OK. It was a one owner car in Arkansas for 19 years and 8 months before being traded in and sold at auction with 126k miles on it. I bought it from the guy who bought it at auction, all stock with the exception of some CRZ seats but he also included the stock seats with the sale and even an EM1 cluster that he had planned to install if he kept the car for himself.

Here’s a few pics from when I first got it back home to Dallas after driving back from a few hours from Oklahoma. The car drove amazing and the AC was cold as can be.

I’ll start adding the good stuff shortly!


First things first, the car was pretty dang clean but there were a few things that needed to be replaced.

I didn’t spring for the OEM CTR headlights for the time being but these reps will do for now

Next was a debadge and a new H logo

I got super lucky and found a BNIB CTR grill from Honda Access primered and ready for paint.


Okay, less maintenance and more cool stuff. Found a great deal on some practically brand new Regas in 16x7 +38 from @Ethanwilkes_em1 and had to jump on them.

The tires were a bit small for my liking so I went with some 225/45/16 Toyo Proxes R888r’s, which will come in handy later once I’m AWD. Got some Skunk2 ProST coilovers as well.

My Buddy Sean’s fully built EG is a good source of motivation as well.

I like to do a little of everything along the way rather than just focus on one aspect of the build at a time. So I got the beautiful wing from Exceed NA and a nice Nardi wheel as well

Swapped in the EM1 cluster as well while I was at it.


What’s a good build without a little more stopping power? This car had the tiny stock front discs as well as the drums in the rear and that had to get taken care of. I purchased Integra from disks and spindles along with the beautiful Wilwood 12.1 inch two-piece from rotors with 4-piston calipers and the rear 11.1 inch two-piece rotors with two piston calipers.

Here is a front and a rear

The proper way to do a K swap in a EK is to use the EG/DC front subframe. I picked one up and immediately restored it


Subscribed! Can’t wait to see this thing haul ass.

Next the parts collecting begins

Mishimoto dual core driver’s side k swap radiator

CRV K series AWD trans with transfer case

A shit ton of Ktuned swap parts and my old Cusco x Bride Vios III’s that I had in my ISF and bought back from the guy I sold them to since they fit so well with this car.

HPT modified K20 oil pump and Action Clutch Twin disk with flywheel


Next up was removing parts I won’t use, or that need to be painted, and also doing some cleaning.

I also picked up my JDM K24 and removed some unneeded accessories and swapped to a brand new RBC intake manifold

Then it was time to start cleaning up the interior and dying the carpet black.



Love the mix of OG parts with the DIY stuff.


Time for the fun stuff!

See you later single cam.

Time to clean, prep, and paint the bay.

Also got all of the black trim color matched and picked up my driveshaft for the AWD conversion


Subbed. Awd k series seems like its be a fun street car

My AWD mount and control arms came in from Hub City Performance. I took advantage of our photo room and got some glamour shots of the goods.

Naturally, at this point, it was time to install all of the suspension goodies, two-piece Wilwoods, and the modified AWD trailing arms and set her on the ground temporarily.


Is that a 4runner I see in the background👀

My buddy’s GX


Ah. Way off. Didnt even think about the GX

Color matching :clap: looks awesome

Awesome work! Subscribed :beers:

This is real good…^^^