EM1_Panchh EM1 Build Thread

Whats going on guys. I’m super excited that this forum is back and I hope it thrives as we move forward. Starting a build thread on nwp is something I’ve always wanted but I was young when the previous forum was around. I still remember being a kid and checking nwp almost daily. At time, my older brother had a red em1 and since then I knew I had to own one.

My first car was a 1995 Eclipse GSX. I had a love hate relationship with that car as something was always breaking. When It ran, it ran great but the problem was getting it to that point. Long story short, I ended up selling that car to put a down payment on a 2005 tacoma, which I still own. All through college I spent whatever money I made on modifications but I always felt like there was something missing. I knew I had to buy a Honda.

I graduated college in 2019 and after a few months of working I was in the market for a car. At this point, I was looking for an itr and wasn’t really considering an EM1. But, in January of 2020, I came across a deal that was too good to pass up.

I found a black, 1999 EM1 on craigslist, which was the spec that I wanted when I was younger, at a price that I couldn’t pass up. I immediately called the owner and bought the car. The car was clean title, unmodified, one owner car, and all of the vins were still in place. The exterior and interior of the car weren’t in the best shape but after driving the car I was convinced. It was probably the best mechanically maintained Honda that I had driven up to that point. Underneath the hood and the undercarriage were near mint, with only minor flaws. Here are a few pictures of when I got it.


For a few months, I collected exterior pieces (trim, molding, etc.) to get it ready for paint.

I also powdercoated a few parts in the engine bay and replaced random bolts. You an never go wrong with oem honda parts.

Off to paint.

After paint, the car sat in the garage for a couple of months to allow the paint to properly cure and harden. After a couple of months sitting, I sent the car to a detail shop to get detailed and ceramic coated. This was the product.

In 2019, I picked up a set of mf10’s I was originally going to use on an itr but I’m going to do a 5 lug conversion on the EM1.

I’ve been slowly piecing together pieces to rebuild the suspension. Was debating on what brand coilovers to go with. Was going to go with KW v3’s but after some thought, I decided I was going to go with higher end coilovers. I was torn between JRZ, AST, and MCS. I ended up going with MCS (Motion Control Suspension) due to their involvement in the Porsche community and great service. I contacted Brian at Karcepts and he hooked me up with a set of MCS dampers, Karcepts top hats, and custom spring rates. Karcepts and MCS are awesome companies to work with. Great products and customer service.


Love the OEM goodies. Gonna be a good build


Super nice! Keep it up!

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Looks amazing with the ceramic coat! Love a clean em1

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I love where this is going, always loved those 6th gen coupes.

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WHOA! Such a great beginning. The small touches really do go along way.

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It’s been a while with no updates so I’ll let you guys in on what I’ve been working on. I picked up a 5 lug conversion back in January. I was going to bolt up without doing much but after only a little convincing (about 10 minutes after buying the conversion), I decided to completely redo the suspension.

I didn’t take any pictures of the conversion when I got it but here’s a few of the disassembly.

While the suspension pieces were getting powdercoated, I did an inventory and organized the parts that I had been gathering for the past few months.

Organized into front and rear suspension, brake and hub, and sway bar hardware.

90% of all suspension and hardware was replaced with new, OEM Honda hardware, including:

-powdercoated knuckles, lca mounting bracket, forks
-front lca hardware
-front brake shields and hardware
-front hubs and bearings
-oem wheel studs replaced with arp standard length wheel studs
-Hardrace front lca’s (couldn’t find both right and left oem components)
-oem inner and outer tie rods with new hardware
-new oem ball joints
-new uca ball joint boots (will replace with pci or oem components at a later date)
-driveshaft shop level 0 axles
-new oem sway bar bushings, brackets, and hardware
-re-zinced lca bracket bolts

-Powder coated trailing arms (ta), spindles, brake line brackets
-new oem ta bushings and hardware
-new oem rear toe (compensator) arms and hardware
-new oem rear lca and hardware
-pci rear camber arms with new oem hardware
-hardrace sway bar bushings with oem brackets and hardware
-new oem sway bar endlinks with hardware

Fresh from the powdercoater.


New ball joints.

New wheel bearings and snap rings.

New dust shields and mounting bolts.

New hubs and arp standard length studs.

Hardrace LCA’s and re-zinced bolts and powdercoated lca compliance bushing bracket.

Powdercoated fork and new hardware.

All bolted up.

Installed the ta bushings and bolted up the rear spindles. I was a bit hesitant to remove the rear spindles because Honda doesn’t provide torque specs for the bolts but I had to redo the bolts and nut. Ended up doing a bit of a search and found that some other members that removed and re-torqued them to reasonable values. I ended up torquing the torx’s to 35 ft/lbs and the nut to 110 ft/lbs and marked them to monitor movement. I marked the majority of the suspension bolts once they were all torqued down.

New rear toe (compensator arms) with hardware.

New rear lca’s.

PCI rear camber arms.

Assembly lube on all bolts.

All bolted up.


Beautiful! I am actually doing the same to my 5 lug. Thanks for all the info!

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The dust shields and the compensator arms. Did you buy them for the ek? Or the ITR? I’m in need of some new ones my self

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The dust shields are for an itr and the compensator arms are for an ek. The rear dust shields are discontinued so you may have to just powder coat your rears. That’s what I ended up doing.

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Thanks for the info!