Honda Parts Selling, Where To and Finding Prices


Amazing to see this forum back, so much inspiration and purchases thru this forum that changed my outlook on the Honda community. So Im looking to sell off my Honda parts, but i bought everything off forums or just brand new from a shop and have no experience selling in this day and age. Where do you guys find it is best to post for sale, are there any forums left worth posting on, is it mostly instagram, is there any Facebook groups i should join. I also have some things that have been long discontinued and i cant seem to find any for sale and have no idea what the current market price for them is. So if theres somewhere i should be looking to get an idea of current prices, please let me know. Im selling mostly EK OEM parts and a few bits from brands like Mugen, ARC, Craftsquare, Feel’s, J’s Racing, Spoon and Project Mu. I also see people have posted some things for sale on here, but don’t see a classifieds section, if the forum is trying to stay clear of having for sale post i totally understand, but let me know if it is aloud.



Yes it’s allowed. Post a for sale thread. I’m definitely interested in what you have.

Do you have a js racing front tow hook for the EK?

I’m interested in parts for sale

Same here. Post away OP. Since I don’t have fb and forums aren’t as active as before, I sometimes struggle to find quality parts.

Posted up in the “Misc” section. Let me know if all the pictures are working for you guys.

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