Heater blower fan stop working in my eg hatch si

So one day my heater fan (ac blower fan)for inside the car stop working I changed fan ran it direct still nada I changed resistor and nothing I changed relay nothing and I changed climate control and still nothing can SOME ONE HELP OUT PLEASE

Check for 12v at connector to the blower motor?

No I have not but if it dose not have 12 v what should I do

If you dont have 12v there check and see if the fuse is blown. I dont have a fuse box label in front of me so im not sure if the blower motor only has a fuse or it has a relay and fuse.

It has a fuse and relay and they both are good so idk what else to check

Deduction is the solution to locating the issue. As stated above, check fuses and relay, but I read you already did that so:
start by measuring at the connector, if you have 12v there, replace blower. If not, repeat test with different ground.
If you have 12v, replace ground wire.
If not, test at the interior loom connector, if you have 12v, locate wire damage and repair or replace wire between connectors,
If not repeat process between loom connector and next point.

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Refer to (online) manual for connector locations, pin-out diagram and wire color

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Well said. Also a good idea to check continuity to ground and ground location. Sometimes the eyelet gets just enough corrosion to cause a gremlin like that

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