EDM EK/EJ parts

Been looking over my parts boxes since I’m searching for my parking pole and found some stuff I will probably never use so might as well see if any of you guys here are interested.

First up; a set of EDM heated, power adjust mirrors for an EK:EJ hatch. Comes with all the wiring for both doors (uncutt), dash switch and the relay. These are not power folding, just to make that clear.

Price for these is 250 USD + shipping

Next I have a set of EDM facelift tail lights for a EK/EJ hatch, so with the build in foglight. Also have a dash switch for it.

ek tails 1

Price for these is 125 USD + shipping

If someones want’s both I’ll do 350 USD + shipping

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Nobody needs EDM parts ?

Not really looking, but if these don’t sell soon I might take them.
#hoardallekparts :sweat_smile:

Do the tails come with a plug/pigtail for the fog?

I think I have a spare fog light plug/pigtail but I’ll have to check. If not I’m sure one on my friends here can help me get one.

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I’d definitely grab them if you can get the pigtail, otherwise I feel like it’d be a nightmare trying to wire it up lol. Can you get a shipping quote to US zip 98032?