Itbs! B/K series! Post your setup!

After many years of seeing builds and learning how Itbs work and just the sound of them i told myself for my rebuild i needed to run them. Before even deciding what motor i was going to put in the eg i picked up a set of A-sports Itbs from from one the OGs. 2 years later i came up a on a killer deal and got a B16B long block for $600!!! The long block is almost fully complete i had just picked up BC stage 2 cams and toda cam gears to complete the engine.

I had a good friend Tristan from Workman’s Racing rebuild the motor for me. Below are the specs for my motor and pics of the engine and itb setup.

Bored out to 81.5mm
Polished GSR crank
Eagle rods
Arias 12:1 compression pistons
ARP head bolts
New I’m GSR water pump/ GSR oil pump
New oem tensioner, timing belt
New seals, gaskets and bolts from Honda
Cometic 81.5mm head gasket
Ati super damper
Port/polish done by JDportworks
3 angle valve job
Supertech valve train
BC stage 2 cam shafts (not installed)
Toda cam gears (not installed)
A sports Itbs with Acura RDX injectors, golden eagle fuel rail, aem fuel pressure regulator
( going to update injectors, rail and regulator next)
Once cams are degreed then i can have the tranny rebuilt next!!!


Beautiful work Rico! I’m so happy to see everything coming together still be able to throw out those fun and quality vids! Thumbs up man! :+1:

Love how the colors come together. :smiley:

Is the valve cover and oil cap just for mock purposes or is this the appearance you are going with?

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The valve cover was something i wanted to do to replicate the Mugen valve cover, it’s the same wrinkle color but it will end up being a back valve cover. The one i intend on using will be color matched to my MF8s.