Paul‘s EK4 4dr build from Germany

Hi my name is Paul.

I just want to show the progress of my ek4 sedan.
Since the forum was shut down I’ve lost a lot of pictures.
In the next days i will try to get as many pictures as possible to fill the thread.

The car is from 1996.
I bought it in 2009 and directly started to strip it.
Made an facelift conversion and some other mods and some body work and finally some new paint.
I did a 5lug swap and bought some cool wheels.
Some spoon goodies also went in
As i said, I will try to get as many pictures from 2009 till now.

Here is how it looks at the moment.




Super fresh. Love those seats


I bought some stuff in the last weeks.
Coolant hoses from spoon and an Kevlar elbow
I also got some gun metal hasport mounts from smitty :sunglasses:
Thanks for that, homie :v:

I am looking for a spoon b series gen2 Kevlar spark plug cover…maybe you could me help my out

Please be calm. I will upload more pictures soon

Best regards Paul


Love the build, one of the best 4dr’s

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Thanks man! Means a lot. :pray:

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Super clean build. And also a good friend! But you know that already. We gotta meet anytime soon bro! :love_you_gesture:


Quality parts :+1:. Welcome

Have always loved this car. I had saved and still see pictures of it randomly every once in awhile. @paulek4dr

It’s such a great look and I am happy to still see both of you still active. :love_you_gesture:

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Thx man! I’ve got a lot of plans with the car

-rebuild the axles and suspension
-new tire size and semi slicks
-re do the muffler (sittin a lil bit low)
-re do the bay
-camber arms in the front
-some interior finish
-new brake pads and rotors


love the build! subscribed :+1:

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