Mvrcos626 FA5 to FD2 Conversion Build!

Felt like starting a build thread for my 2011 Civic Si purchased back in October 2020. Plans for the car at the moment is to get full bolt-ons, tune and start on the FD2 conversion. :grimacing:

Car when purchased:

Some exterior TLC needs to be done like small things missing and replacing door window rubber seals ( I live in southern New Mexico dry weather kills those seals)
Car was already lowered on Tein Coilovers and rear Skunk 2 Camber kit.
She also had a 2.5 catback Greddy exhaust which is for sale if anyone is interested! :sunglasses:

BNIB Oem Floor mats:

Installed Hybrid Racing Short Shifter and Cables, CMC upgrade:

Car was under the knife for a while; installed Hasport Billet 70a Mounts, Hybrid Racing Cold Air Intake, Hondata Flashpro and fresh oil and transmission fluid change! ( sorry no pic of parts i was eager to install them):

Ended the year installing Skunk2 Alpha Header, and 3 inch Full Race Exhaust!

Currently how the car sits to start off 2021! Car is tuned by E-Tunez online, she is running amazing and sounds great! Ordered some OEM FD2 parts that should be here soon hopefully so I can begin the conversion and get her ready for paint! (will be keeping stock Dyno Blue Pearl)

My first NWP build forum so I will try to document as much as I can with quality pictures! Shoot me ideas on what wheels to get! Been looking at track wheels but really want some wheels to set off the car! :upside_down_face:


I absolutely love New Mexico. Car looks great indeed. You didn’t shy away at all by jumping into making it your own.

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Thanks man I have had an FA5 before but it was totaled and decided to get another one they are just sweet cars n greetings from NM !

Awesome man! I just got my conversion done last year. If you have any questions. Feel free to ask

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I’m coming around on this body style for sure. Previously I wasnt into it much but now days I’m really feeling them. Looking forward to see what you do with it.

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I think I follow you on Insta! Car looks great man! Just sourcing the parts is a hassle with all these wait times… I currently have some items being shipped to me but I probably won’t get to the conversion till mid February :disappointed:

Little Update:
Received my OEM fd2 front and rear bumper!



ooooo love those factory bumpers!

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This would be the perfect daily. Props. In for the build

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Thanks man! Currently have an accord for a daily atm… in for your ek build as well love those hatches!


Small update:
Finally received my OEM headlights and taillights! Still on the hunt for side-skirts, hood and trunk… so close yet so far.


The hunt is the fun part! Good luck!

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Impatiently waiting for more parts to arrive… all I need to find is a front grille and side skirts… here’s some small things for the front end:

OEM headlight brackets, fog covers, lower grille and bumper brackets.


Little pit stop at White Sands National Park here in New Mexico…

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Mugen front grille…


Hopefully by the end of May, I will have more updates with parts, as of now the car just sits and collects dust but I did slap on the rear taillights and CF trunk, still need to modify the trunk a bit ( install license plate lights and a bit more adjusting) the car is super dirty at the time so please ignore :disappointed:


Got my wheels…

SSR :sunglasses:


I love those, what specs ?

I can’t wait to slap them on probably after I paint the car though… and 17x9 +38!

Rear bumper installed been slacking on posting but yet again still waiting for a few more things will get started with the front soon…