My f20b build

Hey guys, new to the form and to the honda game. I got my captiva blue eg about 7 months ago and was having way too many issues with the 250k miled d16z6 that i threw down my tools in middle of working on it and said, “Fuck this!”(This was around the end of september). And went looking for a new motor when i got offered a f20b. I didnt realize how rare these things are until i started doing my research on the swap. The only thing i was able to find was people on forums saying, “good luck finding one!”. So here i am, new to a swap and eager to learn more for it.

Oh, and please dont hesitate to throw me some suggestions and/or tips to help me get her running! Ill update every chance i get with photos, but so far this is what ive done and got…

94 Integra GSR transmission
H2b adapter kit
H22 alternator relocator bracket
Dc2 type r clutch release fork and spring set
Exedy clutch slave
Exedy stage1 clutch kit
Competition Clutch 12lb flywheel
Ngk spark plug wires
Ngk iridium spark plugs
Spectra premium distributor
Skunk 2 dual bend short shifter+knob
Hasport shift linkage

This was her after i bought my first set of wheels

Her right now

The f20b

So far I’ve grinded down the dowell pin, put on the h2b adapter plate, and the crank shaft spacer.

Processing: 16335593782352695218735065126756.jpg…

Pb blasted the spark plugs out and cleaned out the tubes they go in before installing new ones.

Flywheel comes in today so I’m just waiting on that to get here…

And the valve cover is in the shop getting painted the same custom gold as my buddy club p1s.(I’ll post pics when i get the valve cover back)

I was looking at motor mounts for the swap and came across some mounts that got rid of the bushings and are full aluminum. I doubt that it’s a good idea to get the full aluminum ones but I’m curious, why would anyone get them?

I hope you guys are as excited i am to get her running! Thanks for looking!


None of the pics are working for me

That’s strange… they were all mobile uploads and i can see them using different devices…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

So, i was looking at motor mounts, and they have an option to have the bushings deleted and the mounts are made of just aluminum… Dont get me wrong, i understand why bushings are there, but is aluminum that soft? Can i trust it?

Now I can! Must’ve been my network

Finally Got the bolts! But i thought i bought the full set of bolts…

Damn you ebay merchant for giving me 6 bolts and not 8!

But while i was waiting for them i cleaned the nasty built up gunk out and off the trans as much as i could…

Installed the new clutch release fork, bearing

Vacuumed and cleaned out the interior of the hatch

Installed the shift linkage with the short shifter…

Got rid of the old clogged up hard clutch line and Installed a copper hard clutch line and made it 1 piece instead of 2.

More to come! Stay tuned! :grimacing:


Got the transmission on… but i hate myself for buying this used intermediate shaft… i knew i should’ve just got it brand new…


sorry to everyone anticipating updates on my little project(if there is anyone​:sweat_smile:). just had some issues with my daily that needed attention if i wanted to keep it as a daily until my eg is running. :pleading_face::pleading_face:

if you’re curious what my daily is and what happened…

n here they both are as of right now.


so i been working on eliminating the balance shaft and i got the head off but ran into some issues with the block, got rust buildup in one of the cylinder walls…

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the deeper i go, the more issues i find…

scratches up and down each sleeve

on every piston on both sides

and one on this one bearing

but at least they aren’t too serious…

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got the block out the shop today. lookin brand new, thanks to mike and his crew at AAM(Auburn Auto Machine). definitely going back to them in the future if needed.