My latest build, post Integra. BIG post warning lol

Some of you know I sold my Integra after years and years of success…and struggle. It finally left me when I was preparing to buy my house. I had already bought this truck, originally supposed to be a tow pig for the car to do track events and shows/meets far beyond the range of the car. After the Integra was sold the truck became the project, started slowly with cosmetic and suspension mods. Put my own spin on it and did things with the same mentality as all of my Honda builds. Last year I went turbo with it and started concentrating on performance. Came a long way in 4 1/2 years and as usual…I’m not done yet haha. This winter I have a lot of plans to build the motor and do some other drivetrain upgrades. Currently at 496hp/521tq on 7 lbs and 93 octane. Completely maxed out the stock fuel system but was a safe starting point. Still a completely stock 5.3 (L83) for now…stock torque converter has started to fail so it is currently parked for the rest of the year. Tons of other mods including numerous OEM SLT/Denali upgrades, de-chromed and fully paint matched, wrapped roof skin, OEM/Corvette front brakes, Viking coilovers, drop control arms, OEM Camaro ILE/Z28 hood vent, Cosmis wheels. I also got back into my own photography and brought back the old days for me of going out and finding cool spots for pictures. I could never go without a project of some sort, wanted to try my hand at a non Honda and always wanted to do a single cab truck. Thanks for looking, hope you guys enjoy…and it’s great to be back!


Man , that thing looks bad ass…
Love it.


Thanks man! Carried over a ton of Honda inspiration over the years!

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Very well done! Hope the Integra went to a good home!

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It did, one of my best friends has it. it’ll be back soon. AWD turbo K ~800ish hp


thats badass. reminds me alot of the awd ss 1500 chevy. but if i wanted a truck its definitely going to be something like this haha. i currently do have a 2018 ram hemi that ive done a couple things to but i needed a truck for daily things
i just realized i dont have any pics of it lol

This thing is so rad !

Does the new owner of the integra have an instagram?