Official 1990 to 1993 Honda Accord cb7 thread

This isn’t a civic, this isn’t an Integra, but this is a 4th gen accord thread! I like having a thread specifically for the 4th gen accord from 1990 to 1993; this includes but not limited to the coupe, sedan and wagon. Post Pics! Progress, info related to modifications, and parts on the Cb7 since I feel like this chassis is becoming very popular, I want to isolate specific information in one thread so Enjoy


Sick ass integra bro :joy:

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Hey B00by :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Lmao, your integra matches mine :joy:


Damn you joined the forums now too ? Ayeee I love your car like it’s mine bro :heart_eyes:

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Heyyyyyy had to bro. Just need more pics of the cb.

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We’re going to make the cb7 beautiful again😍

Getting new tires put on at the moment will update once I get the new wheels on my car :blush:


Wsup cutie :fire:se gang coming in strong