HooliganAccord's Accords

By the title of this thread, you can probably tell I like Accords. 5th Gens to be specific. I’ll give a rundown of my previous cars, down to my current projects.

Accord #1 (August 2008 - April 2019)
Purchased bone stock as my first car before my senior year in High School. REALLY wanted an EM1 (thanks to NFS Underground 1&2), but the only ones I found at the time were beat and salvaged. So I ended up with a 96 Accord LX Coupe, which was probably the best decision I could have made, I’m too tall for a Civic now, and because I got in an Accord, I met some of the best friends I could have, through the Accord community.

through much of this car’s life, between going to school, and working part time jobs, I scrounged together what parts I could, all while sticking with quality parts. Took a while, but the car started to come together. Became a bit of a wheel whore, buying, selling, trading wheels. Particularly grew an affinity towards the Racing Hart brand, and have owned 2 sets each of Type Cs, Tracers, and C2s.

in April of 2019, unfortunately the car was stolen, and subsequently wrecked in a police chase.

While it was definitely disheartening, it ended up being a good thing, as the money I got from insurance paid for a much cleaner chassis to work with.

Accord #2 (May 2019 - November 2019)
With money from my first car, and some hard searching, I was able to find and buy a 1-owner 97 Accord EX. Had higher mileage, but was overall a very clean and well maintained example.

Slapped on the majority of my parts in the next few months and took it to the annual Chronicles Meet in October.

While I loved that car, I ended up selling it to a friend, as I wanted something a little more useful for daily driving duties.

Accord #3 (Oct 2019 - Present)

As I wanted something with more utility for daily driving, but still loved the Accord chassis, I searched and found a $900 97 Accord wagon 1200 miles away in Seattle, WA. Had a friend local to the car pick it up, then I flew up shortly and road tripped it back home to SoCal. It wasn’t the cleanest in appearance, but was better than most I could have found in SoCal, and had what I wanted most, a clean gray interior.

Over the past year, I’ve slowly been collecting parts for the wagon (some pretty cool goodies not available for the other body styles).

Stumbled upon a gray leather wagon interior at the junkyard (super rare, was only dealer installed, was not a factory option).

Cycled through a few sets of wheels, and finally finished my 5 lug swap and picked up a set of SSR Type Cs, which will be here to stay for a while.

And just last week, I ran over a big hunk of metal and destroyed my trans casing :upside_down_face: . I wanted to keep the wagon auto, as its convenient for my commute to work, so for a replacement I ordered a JDM SiR auto LSD trans which will be swapped in shortly. The shorter gearing should help liven the heavy wagon chassis a bit (and will be perfect to throw in a stock H23A VTEC for more power).

Accord #4 (June 2017 - Present)

While technically my second car, I consider this number 4 for this thread because its only ever been a shell thus far, and is my long term project. Picked it up in 2017 for $300, as a rolling shell already converted to 5-lug. Its a 97 Accord EX coupe in Sherwood Green Pearl. It came with tan leather interior, which I promptly sold.

There is no set timeline to finish this car, and I’ve continuously added parts and things to the build, that keep pushing the completion back. But I’m ok with that, as I’d rather take my time building the car correctly the first time. I won’t call it a full ground up restoration, but I’m redoing a significant portion of the car.

Starting with the interior, I have swapped it to a hybrid setup of Accord and 1G CL parts, to give it a single shade of dark gray leather. As many of the interior pieces as possible were purchased new from Honda, including carpet, door panels, center console, etc. The other bits are good condition used pieces taken from various CLs and Accords. Some goodies include 5Zigen N1R steering wheel, CL1 Euro R Recaro seats, and a JTC short shifter with full billet aluminum FFC bushings for improved feel.

Car will be sitting on AMR Engineering coilovers, Tanabe sway bars, and a plethora of FFC parts to help with handling.

For the powertrain, I’m keeping it classic with an H22. Doing a fairly mild build, that should make decent power, while still being fairly reliable. USDM H22A4, with a built head by Alaniz. Euro R cams, Ferrea valve guides, full Supertech valvetrain. Block will built with brand new Euro R pistons, forged Eagle rods, and a full bottom end refresh. Not looking to make any crazy power, but once all together and tuned, it should be fun. Its paired wi4h an M2B4 LSD trans fully rebuilt by Synchrotech.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more updates on the Wagon and Coupe in the future.