Make Accords Great Again!

Creating a space for all my Accord Brethren to post up and show off their cars. Long live the workhorse of the Honda lineup! Post up a few pictures, a short description, etc.

While Accords may consistently win awards and praise from critics and writers in the automotive world, in the Honda “scene” they continue to remain a niche model for modifying. Even back at the height of the forum days, much of the Accord community could be found on Accord specific boards. Us 5th Gen guys called HondaSociety home (HS4LYFE). While we lurked and occasionally posted on the more popular forums, much of our efforts were poured into making our specific forums a treasure trove of information for our chassis. We developed a really tight and amazing network of friends around the world, that extends far beyond our love of Accords, into our personal lives. Many of us still hang out, including those that sold their cars a long time ago.

But enough chit chat, on to pics!

My first car, a 96 LX Coupe. Was a trusty DD for 11 years until it was stolen and wrecked last year.

97 EX Coupe #1. Purchased as a rolling shell in 2017, and is my long term project, and currently undergoing what is almost a complete rebuild. Its pretty bare now, but I have a good stash of parts I’ve been amassing for about 10 years. Pretty much trying to fulfil my vision of building a “perfect” Accord to suit my taste.

97 EX Coupe #2. Purchased last year from the original owner as a replacement for my stolen and totaled coupe. While I only owned it for 6 months, it was a quick transformation swapping parts from the old car to the new one.

And lastly, my current daily, a 97 LX Wagon. Sold the coupe for a more suitable daily driver, and since I didn’t see the point of owning 2 of the exact same model and trim. Since going to the wagon, I haven’t looked back. The extra space and versatility is makes the car infinitely more suitable to daily drive, while still maintaining the driving characteristics I know and love in the Accord.


mine from 2008/09


My old ‘97 EX Coupe. Was gifted to me by my parents my junior year of high school. Had plans of cleaning it up more, lowering it with wheels (the usual); long term plan was to 5 speed swap it and drop in an H22 or something. Got really inspired by JTCC Accords once I got more interested in this thing. Sadly, this didn’t plan out as it was crashed into and totaled in front of my house a few weeks before graduation. Saw the whole thing :cry:.


My girl’s old CG V6 coupe that we built together. Nothing too crazy cuz we didn’t have much funds back then. Wish I had a pic of it with the Mugen Ek sedan wing on it. Shit was :fire:!!


Back in 2004/2005

At the first Eibach Meet




Oooooo SNAP! @mycord nice

So simple and clean! Those 5zigen wheels are some of my favorite. I’ve owned 5 sets over the past 10 years in varying specs.

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